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There was a time when Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 and Elysium worked on bringing out a cyberpunk Ridley Scott-ish kinda ALIEN movie. The Sci-fi director has posted amazing concept art from an unknown ALIEN project he had been working on. Although this reveal is 100% unofficial b'coz FOX didn't really know "he was kinda working on it", he considers this to be a "a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created."

The collection on his instagram account features an inside image of Weyland Corporation, multiple xenomorphs, the CGI queen , the engineer's ship, Ripley with an aged and disfigured Dwayne Hicks and much more dudes and dudettes!

According to sources, Blomkamp's film was to take place before know..Aliens 3. Maybe he had a film idea in mind, would've died to watch this version. Nevertheless, please make it stay alive!

An unverified Twitter account using the director's name popped up and spilled these tweets -

I know there has always been a vast difference when it comes to concept art and the end product in many movies, but this here is the real deal!

Well, that's it - it sucks to leave behind such a marvelous visual scope to ruins. All we can do is start a petition to bring this back on track but until then check out the director's upcoming movie Chappie.


Raise your hands, who wants Blomkamp to direct an ALIEN sequel? And what do you think of this concept art?


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