ByTyler Bergseid, writer at
Tyler Bergseid

We all know the "Mad Titan" will eventually get his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet, which will be followed by plenty of Chaos and Destruction on earth, What I am interested in, is finding out how exactly Thanos will be taken down. After watching Guardians of the Galaxy, we know that Drax "The Destroyer" not only wanted Ronan dead, but Thanos as well, and in the comics, he is created for that purpose, will we see Drax get his revenge? Will Tony Stark build some kind of "Thanos-Buster" armor? Will a Guardians/Avengers Team up be enough? or will marvel pull a fast one on us and make it so the demise of Thanos is self inflicted? He is infatuated with the cosmic entity known as Death, so will we see her show up, hurt his feelings some how, forcing him to end his rampage? Let me know below how you think Thanos will be defeated!


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