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As of this writing, every fan of the legendary franchise that is Star Wars are definitely familiar with the appearance for the highly acclaimed and much beloved ship owned and operated by Han Solo, I speak, of course, of the Millennium Falcon! The first glimpse we got of this historic Corellian ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, in the teaser trailer, and then also in video footage from YouTube, and material taken by fans who used and operated drones that they flew over the sets for the Star Wars film. Moreover, the mere glimpse of this awesome craft is smile-inducing, and gives the star wars fans inside of us all a little giggle and fill us with nostalgia and joy. Nevertheless, what is more enjoyable than this? I'll you what, seeing it on the cover as the featured story for Fortune's upcoming issue.

Disney CEO Iger standing next to the Falcon
Disney CEO Iger standing next to the Falcon

Disney CEO Bob Iger stands facing the camera and to his left is the Falcon in all its glory. Despite the presence of two heavy hitters (Falcon, and Iger), there are some noticeably menacing captions. Although, he is rumored to be rigid and what not to his credit he seems like a likeable guy who is the salt of the Earth type in light of his position of power within the Mickey Mouse empire.

Disney CEO Iger on cover of Fortune Magazine
Disney CEO Iger on cover of Fortune Magazine

The details of the article illustrate Iger's novel direction in how he will utilize the tech of all the iconic franchises that are under the Disney umbrella.

There is not much to go on at this point, in the article, but the cover's preview article did contain some gnarly (yes, I did) factoids on the Falcon and the cover shot. Fortune has said that they plan on releasing a 'photo shoot' of the modern Falcon, though nothing is certain at this point.

Leave your comments below and tell me what you all think about this and do you like the "modern look" for the Falcon. I love the ship, myself personally. It is one of my fave SCI FI crafts of all time.


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