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Jared Owens

So guys lets talk Ant-Man.

What we know. This film is going to focus more on Scott Lang which I'm fine with that, I think that Scott was a great Ant-Man he was funny but serious we need to take a serious job. Hank Pym's role in this film is more of the mentor role he's going to be kicking Scott around and giving him advice on how to be the small hero, but i think there is more to hank than we think if you are a Ant-Man fan there are occasions where Hank has just lost (went coo coo) and totally just went on a rampage I think we will explore that in the film and i will get to that later.

Darren Cross okay if you don't know who Darren Cross is that is fine I'm not even that familiar with him but Darren is more of corporal villain he wants to ruin Hank he wants to take what Hank has and he wants to use his tech for his benefits that is basically Darren in a nut shell. Now do I think Darren is the main Villain no I don't I think he will be a villain but not the main which I'm about to get to.

Back to Hank Pym. Now if you all know the main villain is Darren Cross but supposedly Darren becomes Yellow Jacket well that ship isn't sailing for me in the comics Hank is Jacket and why change something so drastic I mean yes i think Darren will be the villain for the percentage of the film but for some reason I feel in my gut Hank is going to loose it and pull an Obadiah Stane. Imagine student against master, I don't know why he would become Yellow Jacket but I just feel that something bad will happen and its going to drive Hank crazy and he will take on the Yellow Jacket character just like the comics

Thats all for now guys but tell me in the comments below what do you think of my theory.


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