ByMelissa Greschner, writer at
Melissa Greschner

What can I say... I am hardcore fan of the Veronica Mars series. Her sassy attitude with that quick trigger of a mouth that can smack you back to the stone age. So, I was very pleased to hear that the stars of the show wanted to give the fans a movie and donated money of their own for the production of this film. It has some new faces like; Jamie Lee Curtis, Gaby Hoffman, Eden Sher and of course a cameo of Mr. James Franco.

As the story begins the same, someone close to Veronica in need of help. This time its her old love interest, Logan. He is charged with murder. Her new life in New York, put on the back burner along with her potential new cushy job and current love, Piz. She travels back to the lovely town of Neptune and discovers a lot more than she can handle, especially with the ten year reunion of old backstabby friends. Veronica being Veronica, her smart ass mouth and curiosity get the best of her and she uncovers that the past can't stay in the past forever...

The stunning Kristen Bell lightens the movie with her effervescent post baby glow. Bringing a whole new meaning to what it means to be a hot new mama and an A-List Hollywood actress!


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