ByKeith Turner, writer at
Keith Turner

Marvel's Avengers Wallpaper featuring current Roster from 2008-2015.Didn't know if to include the Guardians of the Galaxy since this is just for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Also couldn't add Ms. Marvel and Dr Strange since no promo art has been released for them (yet).

Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr

Captain America- Chris Evans

Hulk- Mark Ruffalo

Thor- Chris Hemsworth

Ant-Man- Paul Rudd

Black Widow- Scarlett Johannson

Nick Fury- Samuel L. Jackson

Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner

Black Panther- Chadwick Boseman

Scarlet Witch- Elizabeth Olsen

Quick Silver- Aaron Taylor Johnson

Falcon- Anthony Mackie

War Machine- Don Cheadle


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