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We are literally months away from one of the biggest and most anticipated blockbusters of 2015 I'm talking about [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) . I know everybody has been speculating and theorizing what is to come from this movie to shape up the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next phase. I'm there with you and I'm absolutely ecstatic all our questions and theories will be addressed soon; and I'm pretty damn excited to finally see the movie. That being said, we are days away from a new trailer dropping and probably the biggest we've seen to date, which calls for a celebration on its own. The big question though is what will we see in this trailer that we haven't before?

Science Bro's!

It's pretty obvious that Bruce and Tony will have a pretty big part in the movie as with the latest news that they are the programmers behind Vision. There are also those scenes from the last trailer where we see Tony in the Hulkbuster armor going up against the Hulk. It could very well be Ultron as well but I'm holding on to it being Tony in the suit. It's clear that there will be a falling out between these two and it would be pretty nice to see a glimpse of that in the upcoming trailer.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

They are the new kids on the block and yet we still don't know much about them and have only seen glimpses of them. I know giving too much away wouldn't do any good but just enough can entice us even more to see them. I believe were going to be getting more from one them if not both, here's hoping for the latter.


The Vision has a crucial role in Age Of Ultron and yet we haven't seen much of him but a few BTS scenes and poster but no real footage. I believe Vision is bound to show up in the next trailer. I would love to see him in action and maybe even hear his voice, which I'm sure is far from disappointing. The release of his concept art and background might be hinting at us seeing more of Vision in the upcoming trailers and teasers.

Civil War

We have already seen glimpses of it from the first trailer we got this year of the Avengers falling. I think after announcing [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) seeing more of this fallout would be vital for hyping it up. This isn't saying it needs anymore hype than it already has but I just want to see more! We are about a week away from the trailer so all we can do is wait a little longer. Whatever the case is and what we see, I'm ready for a new trailer to grace us.

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