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One of the best cartoons of all time and I am throwing in my two pennies. Feel free to debate, but let's keep it respectful please. It is all in fun.

Let us start with the leader:

Chris Hemsworth as Lion-O

Chris is an excellent actor, I believe he can bring the beginning's innocence while still selling a bad ass leader as the movie progresses. He has the looks and the skills to bring Lion-O to life and make it believable.

Hugh Jackman as Tygra

Let's be honest, Tygra and Panthro were the most kick ass characters and Jackman would take this role and steal the show. His wolverine is the star of every X-men movie, he could easily take this role and make it more.

Michael Jai White as Panthro

There are not many real bad ass actors out there. MJW is not only highly intelligent but a true martial artist. Panthro deserves MJW and MJW deserves to be Panthro.

Mila Jovovich as Cheetara

Mila sells it on the big screen every time. She can do the action while still being sweet, sexy, softy. She is without a doubt the perfect femme fatale.

Vin Diesel as Monkian

True, this character would be CGI but I think Vin could give it the voice needed to sell the essence of Monkian. That essence being a big idiot. No, I am not calling Vin a big idiot, I'm saying he has the voice that could translate well.

Andy Serkis as Slythe

ANDY SERKIS IS THE MAN!!!!! 'Nuff said.

But seriously, if there was anyone that could bring a reptile leader to life, it is Andy.

Sir Ian McKellen as Mumm-Ra

All hail Sir Ian McKellen!! Ian is such a brilliant actor. McKellen would bring the regal brilliance to life in such a great ancient villain. His voice alone coming from the mouth of MUMM-RA THE EVER LIVING!!!!...would be perfect.

To be honest, there are not many child actors doing much right now to fill the role of "Kit Kat." If anyone has some good castings feel free to comment.

So sound off, what do you think? Hate 'em? Love 'em? Got better castings? Let me hear it.


What do you think of the casting choices?


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