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Hi there let me introduce myself. My name is Frances and yes I am a huge fan of John Lloyd Young. He is a once in a generational performer and I want to tell you my reasons why I think John is awesome.

His smile.

John's smile is so adorable, I mean wow. His smile could make the darkest room seem so bright. And his smile could warm the hardest heart. John's smile deserves my seal of awesomeness.

His class and sophistication.

I think that in my opinion, John could of been a model. He has the looks and the class to match even the most seasoned professional. He oozes sex appeal. John definitely deserves a GQ spread in the future.

His angelic voice.

*please press the above video to watch John perform.

He has got a voice of an angel. I can listen to his album My Turn all day. And when I do listen to him sing, I close my eyes and he takes me to my happy place. John's voice is awesome.

John's awesome performance as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys.

I was first introduced to John's awesome talent last July when I saw the movie with my mum for the first time. I went back and saw the movie 7 times in a row after that. I then purchased the DVD and my life has never been the same. His performance was outstanding. And I have been in his awesomeness ever since.

So there is some of the reasons why John is awesome. I will be posting more articles about John his fans and get an insight by fans who have attended his sold out concerts in the future. Stay tuned. Love to know what you think about my article. Please leave a comment below.


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