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So how many times have you seen a romantic movie and thought, "Why can't that actually happen?"

Well to be honest, because it won't! I believe romantic movies set up women to put way too much pressure on men and too much pressure on themselves to WANT such ridiculous romantic expectations. At least in horror movies, we know that if it happened in real life, it would happen like that, because there are real psychotic people out there in our universe.

Here is a list as to why I believe putting all your romantic ideals onto someone based on a movie genre, is really a bad idea!

1) No man is going to be like Say Anything. I believe it's rare, but that '80s cliche wouldn't exist in todays world, let alone back then. No guy in this world would actually stand outside with a boombox (well, today an iPhone) and blast outside your window. Because first off? You could get arrested. You're disturbing the peace of your neighbors if you live in an apartment. Second? It can be considered stalking in a court of law. In the '80s, it wouldn't have been. Times have changed.

2) Jake Ryan will not wait for you after a wedding. The great looking guy will not randomly show up and surprise you. You actually have to tell guys to show up. 90% of the males are forgetful. You'll be lucky if they remember your birthday. Also, if a guy did this it might be cute, but at the same time it would mean some pretty serious stalking of your social media feed. That alone is scary.

3) There will not be a great song playing for that epic kiss. Molly Ringwald got spoiled growing up as a teen in the 1980s because all her wonderful kiss scenes had amazing music. Real teens on the other hand were NOT given this opportunity. This, however, set up teen boys to always have music playing in their cars or in their bedrooms or make sure if they were at a party, music was playing. So much pressure! Ladies, there won't always be music playing, and hoping Jud Nelson's bad boys will turn awesome is also false hope. Just appreciate The Breakfast Club scene for what it is and don't put all your expectations for it to happen in real life.

4) Bad boys will always be bad; good boys will always be good. If anything this misconception makes women "think" they can change a bad boy. If anything I've learned you shouldn't change a person unless they feel they need to change. Till then, move on! Bad boys live that lifestyle and prefer not to settle down, if ever. They'll have a string of broken hearts, and mostly, if they didn't use protection, will have a string of baby mama's with children as well. Ladies, he isn't worth it. Find a guy who is... the Danny Zuko's of the world will not change.

5) One night stands will not secure a relationship. It's very rare when it does, but 9 times out of 10 it won't. Just because it worked in About Last Night with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, it doesn't mean it'll happen to you too. You won't get together after one night, you won't fall in love, you won't break up and then get back together over this magical moment that says you should. If anything, you should be lucky you didn't catch anything from a one night stand haha, that is usually the most likely scenario. So ladies don't put all your eggs into one basket with a one night stand.

There are more reasons as to why women shouldn't use romantic movies as their reason to get with a guy or how a relationship should be. It's far from real romance and I believe it's the reason a lot of relationships fail. If people wouldn't rely so much on a movie genre, more people, in my opinion, wouldn't have relationships fail.


Do you believe Romantic Movies screw up relationships?


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