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With Marvel's [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) coming in 2016, everyone has been asking each other the following question.

Whose side are you on?

I'm here to ask a different question...

Who is actually going to win the "Civil War"?

For a detailed synopsis of the comic book Civil War, CLICK HERE!!

Of course, Marvel is front running Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man as the pro-registration leader, and Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America as the anti-registration leader, just like the comics. These two characters, while good friends, don't really see eye to eye on most things. All of this tension between the two has been building since they meet for the first time in Avengers 2012.

If Marvel follows the comics, the two leaders will attempt to recruit other Avengers and super powered heroes to their respective sides. In the end, each possess an army of heroes fighting to protect the ideals and believes they hold dear.

Most people say Iron Man won the comic book Civil War, but it's still debatable considering Captain America's moral victory. In the end, Cap surrenders and turns himself in to SHIELD custody. He's being given a trial for his "war crimes," when he is assassinated by an unknown sniper.

While technically Iron Man wins the comic book war, Captain America is still viewed as the one with the moral high ground. Iron Man, following the death of Captain America, expressed his feelings of guilt and regret in a follow up comic titled "Civil War: The Confession." Asking himself, "Was it all worth it?" In the end he actually says "no," winning the whole war wasn't worth the life of his friend Captain America. He says this only to himself behind closed doors, as he didn't want Steve Rogers' death to mean nothing.

Bottom panel reads- (It Wasn't Worth It)
Bottom panel reads- (It Wasn't Worth It)

Will the film follow a similar story arc? Would Marvel flip the script and have Captain America pull in the win? Do you think Cap will be killed in the end? Marvel is known for adapting the comic story arcs to make more sense for their overall plans, as well as a film universe as opposed to a comic book universe.

It almost seems as if Iron Man is being set up for failure here. In the lead up to Civil War, thus far he's been depicted as a sort of villain for Steve Rogers. They've barely gotten along since they met. On top of the leaked clips and past Tony/Steve moments, the fact that Marvel named the Civil War movie as one of Captain Americas sequels is a bad sign for Iron Man too. Think about it! It's CAPTAIN AMERICA 3! It isn't a solo Civil War movie. It isn't Iron Man 4: Civil War. Its Captain America 3: Civil War.


That being said, Marvel could go the route of the comics, having Iron Man win but Cap pulling in the moral victory. They also might have Captain America win, considering it is actually HIS sequel.

Also, look at the slate for Phase 3. After Civil War, there are no other Iron Man or Captain America sequels all the way to 2020 at least! Could this mean no one wins? Or is the Civil War so impactful that its residual effects resonate through all future movies, leaving no need for a full sequel?


I think we'll learn a lot more in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, the two Marvel films coming before Civil War. Whatever happens I imagine the consequences of the war will be massive, especially considering that this is the first film of Marvel's Phase 3!

To pick which side you want to be on... GO HERE! By: Kai E Jackson


Who do you think will win Marvel's Civil War?


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