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Quincy Jackson

After seeing the last hobbit movie I felt like i needed to know more. It is then the idea of J. R. R. Tolkien's Silmarillion came to mind. It would be cool to take us all way back to see what the world was like then. It would also be cool to learn about The evil eye a.k.a Sauron.. There is lot of great work here with in the pages that book.i feel strongly that a good movie could of it. Some may or may not feel the same as i do about this. All the movies that came out dealing with lord of rings were great. It is what a movie should be in all its worth. I never read the books and i am sure many will say the book is better. I am going say that is not for everyone. Think goodness for various mediums that we have today. The same person who directed Hobbit should do this. What can I say? I like his work. This is just another reason of mine I want it to be so. As a artist my self I like to give my praise to the makers both Tolkien and Peter Jackson and every one else that made it so.


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