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The Joker : Jake Gyllenhaal

We may have the fantastic Academy Award Winning Actor 'Jared Leto' as the infamous supervillian but he wasn't my first choice. I believe that 'Nightcrawler' star Jake Gyllenhaal would have been the best choice for the maniac clown. Watch Gyllenhaal in the fantastic 'Nightcrawler' for evidence enough to prove why he should have been cast in the role of Batman's rival.

Interesting Fact: Jake was originally set to play Batman/ Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's adaptation of the Batman Franchise.

Jake has shied away from big budget Hollywood films as of late, obviously because of the dissapointing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) which was both a critical and financial bomb! However Gyllenaal has claimed that after such intense character work he is looking to get back into the blockbuster business, and while it may have seemed ridiculous a few years ago the thought of Jake Gyllenhaal taking over the mantle of the Joker is now an intriguing one, given how he has successfully reinvented himself over the last few years as one of the industry's most consistent performers.

The Riddler : Dane DeHaan

The Riddler is perhaps one of my favorite villains ever! The Riddler is a smooth-talking yet quirky character, motivated by a neurotic compulsion to commit crimes based on riddles and puzzles. For years fans have hoped begged for an new adaptation of The Riddler, (After the universally hated 'Batman Forever'). Fans for years have grasped onto the idea of seeing Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio as the iconic yet flamboyant villain. So why not the proclaimed “ next Leonardo DiCaprio”, Dane DeHaan.

Dane DeHaan is already part of a comic franchise, playing 'The Green Goblin/Harry Osborn' in The Amazing Spiderman 2. However that doesn't completely eliminate him from the chase. For example, look at Ryan Reynolds who played Green Lantern in the DC film of the same name. Reynolds will now play Deadpool in 2016.

DeHaan has that small vulnerable look to him that would be hugely suited to The Riddler. The young actor is a world class talent, his portrayal of Harry Osborn is one of the highlights of 'TASM2'. He is an underated talent who could be particularly effective at capturing the puzzle-loving villain’s psychological instability, Films such as The Place Beyond the Pines and Chronicle can be used as evidence.

Two-Face : Dan Stevens

I am still to believe that we are yet to have a single successful portrayl of Two-Face. I love Aaron Eckhart as much as the next movie fan but that wasn't the Two-Face i fell in love with. So who could play one of the biggest villians of all time? Dan Stevens.

Dan Stevens is only now really finding mainstream success with films such as the critical success 'The Guest' and starring roles in financially successful film franchises such as 'Night at the Museum'. If you have seen Dan Steven's in 'The Guest' that you can truly envision the sort of Two-Face that i Stevens is mesmerizing as the avenger in 'The Guest' and i could definitely see him playing one of the worlds most infamous villains.

Hugo Strange: Stanley Tucci

An insane psychologist and chemical genius who knows Batman’s secret identity, Hugo Strange is a formidable foe ; I without a doubt believe that we will get Hugo Strange sooner rather than later! In recent years Hugo Strange has become one of Batman's biggest villains with the help of the Batman Arkham Video Games. However this doesn't change the fact that Hugo Strange has never been adapted to film before which means DC and Warner Bros will want to choose carefully in order find an actor that can establish the character. So who has that acting ability? Stanley Tucci or course!

I have always thought that Tucci is an underrated talent, i still have nightmares over his Acdamey Award Nominated performance in 'The Lovely Bones'. Obviously at first glance Stanley Tucci even resembles Strange. He’s a methodical actor who i believe would be a perfect fit for the role.

I will write a second dream casting article soon but untill then i will be interested to see who you would cast as these four. (The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face and Hugo Strange).


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