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Wes Anderson, Well known for 'Grand Budapest hotel' has an extreme style. A style that leaks off an almost retro feel, but as a modern picture it is seen as a way of art, the characteristic quality, the colors, the use of cardboard cut outs over CGI, come together to create a wonderful image, a sequence of pictures sewn between to create glorious stories. Moonrise kingdom is no exception, his cast never seem to disappoint, in this case his constants Edward Norton, Bill Murray and in this film Bruce Willis, together create an already must see cast for an indie style film. Its the two main cast that pull the film together, the simplistic characters and acting, minimalist in a way, make for an easy to watch yet addicting piece. The story of a bullied scout and a rebellious girl who find themselves in love at first sight, decide to run away together, in a small, tiny populated island. The policeman, the scouts and the parents are now on a manhunt to find the kids.

Well what can i say? its Hitchcock, its not just a film, Its not just a purpose of entertainment. Art, that's what Psycho is and any other Hitchcock film for that matter. Absorbing, suspicious and phenomenal, all words that pass through when watching the film, the acting simple and minimal yet so much is told through the simple facial expressions shown by the few actors. Destinations are few and camera angles are basic and this is all so perfect, after seeing to many 'movies' such as Transformers or hunger games with there busy pictures, over acted roles and use of too much special effects and shots that pull you out of the realism. sometimes its just a simple pleasure to watch a film like this and simultaneously have it as one of the greatest films you have every viewed.

It is odd for me to love such a mainstream film, viewed by so many its normally a certain type of film that grabs the attention of these numbers. Explosions, Guns< No plot that's what the masses love. When i saw this picture, I was blown away. McConaughey's Acting is next to none, Fantastic, Absorbing you forget hes an A list celebrity and begin to believe he is 'Ron Woodroof'. Jared Leto is just an unforgettable character, added to the story for the film, Jared's character is unimaginable, so great, a brilliant person to play the role and a excellent role to be played. An absolute must see film, Just do it.

Drive is simply beautiful, so precise and tidy, you just want to fold it up and put it in a petite pot. Ryan gosling says very little, but expresses so much, some how his acting is so on point yet he doesn't do anything, its incredible. Its even has Walter white in it (Bryan Cranston). The story is unique(ish) but told in a very nice easy to view way, but without just being one of those im ill and i don't want to think films. Its a film NOT a movie, yes! their is a difference. Drive deserves much more recognition and should be viewed by many, especially if you love films for story and art and not souly for entertainment.

So it was either Casino or Pulp fiction, now why i chose this over possibly one of my most loved films ever, im not sure, maybe i just love Scorsese more than Tarantino. This film though is just brilliance in true Scorsese fashion in introduces you to Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (Robet de niro) the rich and powerful owner of a 'casino'. You see his rise to power, how he lives and then to top it off how everything crashes and goes wrong around him, its a true gangster film and film of greed and corrupt business. Its a masterpiece, and, well. see it.


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