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Recently, I read a post on Facebook, on the DC Cinematic Universe page. This particular article talked about the killing of General Zod in the movie of Man of Steel. Now, I am a long time avid comic book fan, and truly started reading comic books towards the end of the Silver Age, so this may also be a reason for my opinion to be bias somewhat.

The biggest complaint in recent comic book movies is the killing of Zod by the hands of Superman. Now I don't have a problem with this. This is a movie, it is fiction, science-fiction, or fantasy, however you decide to classify it as. But I feel that the screen writers made a mistake by killing off Zod. I was disappointed at the end of Man of Steel for this. But then why does this seem to be the only complaint. No one complain about deaths of other villains in movies.

Personally I felt that Zod had the potential to be a great cinematic villain to constantly antagonize Superman. I also picked him to be the villain in the upcoming Justice League movie. I am not saying that killing good to great villains shouldn't be done for movies, but killing them too soon, in my opinion can limit the options for future movies.

So lets look at the list of villains who the screen writers in the past have killed off that were great villains, even if portrayed badly.

General Zod: Dies from broken neck at the hands of Superman in Man of Steel

Ra's Al Ghul: Supposedly is left to die by Batman in Batman Begins

Two-Face: Twice has he died in Batman movies, both Batman Forever and The Dark Knight

The Joker: Dies in Batman, after Batman sort of lassos the Joker's leg to a gargoyle statue while trying to escape by helicopter in Batman, falls to his death

The Penguin: Dies from probably internal bleeding, possibly due to toxic waste from Schreck's clean textile plant after the multi-rocket barrage on the Gotham City Zoo, cause by Batman

The Green Goblin: Dies after being impaled by his own glider while trying to kill Spider-Man from behind. Spidey leaps out of the way in time.

Dr. Octopus: Dies after coming to his senses in an attempt to save the city he nearly destroys in Spider-Man 2

Obadiah Stane: Killed by the overloading of the Arc Reactor by Pepper Potts under instructions of Tony Stark in Iron Man

The Lizard: Killed in Amazing Spider-Man

Venom: Killed in Spider-Man 3.

Silver Samurai: Killed in The Wolverine

Dark Phoenix: Killed by Wolverine

Parallax: Supposedly destroyed in Green Lantern. I say supposedly only because I don't know a lot about Parallax and the abilities of Parallax

I will not include that somewhat Superman clone in Superman IV.

If I have forgotten any, well its because I am going off of memory. I didn't include any of the animated movies or TV series. The list would be much longer then. I also didn't add the Red Skull as I don't believe him to be killed. I believe the Tesaract has transported him somewhere. So we have the potential to see him again, though highly doubtful with the death of Chris Evan's Captain America coming soon in either the next Captain America movie or Avengers 3.

So do you think that the screen writers are taking a little too much liberty in the death of villains or should they be left for potential movies before biting the dust. Leave your comments, I am interested in what you think.


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