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Sailor Moon Crystal mid-season concluded. Well, almost.

It's not new for some series to have a mid-season finale that is actually a cliffhanger, so, it should be no surprise that Sailor Moon Crystal is pulling that one in the 13 episode of its slow and somewhat tumultuous run.

By the end of the episode little has finished, but we did get an awesome sequence of fights and senshis ready to sacrifice it all for the greater good.

What happened?

Well, the episode resume where the last one concluded. The Princess or Sailor Moon, or Usagi, has taken the sword and decided to finish her life because she feels she can't save Mamo-Chan. She remembers the last of their time together in their past lives and questions if that is the end of their new life, and if that is the destiny they are meant to repeat life after life.

The senshi see how their princess falls to the ground, but can't get close because Metalia is also zooming in on the dead bodies of Mamoru and Usagi, and as soon as she is about to engulf them in their dark energy the crystal reacts and protects the princess and the prince. They are surrounded by a crystalline form (that resembles a certain palace in the future).

As the senshi watch as Metalia starts to absorb the power of the crystal and with this energy she starts corrupting the world.

In a last effort to defeat this force of evil the senshi unite their energies in a combined planet attack and try to defeat Metalia. But their attack doesn't work and the malignant force responds with a blast of energy that blows the senshi away.

Even Luna tries to attack this evil force, but can't do anything to it. Faced with the reality that the senshi are about to lose, Luna ask sArtemis to take her to the Moon. (Yes, that easy).

The cats arrive into the Moon where Luna enters the praying room and asks the Queen for her guidance and power to help protect the princess.

Meanwhile, inside Metalia, Usagi has woken up. She realizes the impact of the sword that was meant to take her life, was taken by the watch that Tuxedo Mask gave her, and she is alive. She saddens for a moment because she is the only one that keeps on living, but then she remembers (finally) that she has a mission to accomplish.

It is in that moment when Tuxedo Mask awakens too, he is told before coming to his senses that Metalia has a week spot. This information was delivered by his Shitenou who appear before him as ghosts to advise their master.

Tuxedo Mask finally wakes up and with Sailor Moon they get ready to fight Metalia, while the Senshi lay unconscious or death outside the big mass of evil and dark energy.

Sailor Moon is weakened by the strong force of Metalia, but with just a few words of encouragement from her lover and she is ready to fight. She transforms her wand and with the power of love she launches against Metalia... and the episode ends.

We have to wait another two weeks to see the end of this first saga of Sailor Moon Crystal.

For now, this is the recap. In another moment I will cover the problems I've had with the series overall pacing, animation, literally adaptation from the manga and creative changes that have been taken that didn't add anything to the show.

But, as I said, that's for another post, for now, this is the end of the episode and in two weeks join me for a recap of Act 14 - Petite Etranger!


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