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Robin is a classic comic book character. There have been six main iterations of the character; four male and two female. For this article I will refer to Robin as a male, out of majority and for sake of writing. He is the quintessential sidekick. He has been featured in comic books, television shows, and movies. Many people love him. His time has come and gone though in the movie realm. Any movie or television show that wishes to be taken serious cannot include the character of Robin. It means too many things. Let me explain.

Robin at his core is a child. His age has varied throughout comic books, but he has always been extremely young. That is the main reason he cannot be taken seriously in a live action format. If Robin is included, it means Batman is a child abuser. It means Batman endangered the life of a child by having him fight crime. It is also not believable that a child can defeat adults and monsters who have weapons.

If you really love Robin, I understand. I do too. I just don’t think his character translates well to live action. Some people suggest changing his age if he is included in a television show or movie. That is a good solution, but it changes some core characteristics of Robin. If you change his age, you are essentially just creating a new character with Robin’s name and outfit. Again, let me explain.

Each Robin has been young for a reason. Robin is meant to appeal to a younger audience. He is also meant to have a type of Father-Son relationship with Batman. Outside of Alfred, Batman most cares about Robin. He tries to protect him at all costs. That is why you cannot just change Robin’s age if you want to bring him to the big screen. He would be a completely different person and his relationship with Batman would be completely different.

Another thing I have heard, is that the character of Hitgirl worked in the Kick-Ass movies, so why can’t Robin? That is a good point, but remember Kick-Ass is a caricature of superheroes. Those movies are meant to be campy and fun. The movies were never meant to be taken serious. Think about the relationship between Hitgirl and Big Daddy as satire. They are trying to point out how ridiculous the relationship between Batman and Robin is.

In conclusion, Robin works great in comic books, cartoons, and video games, but that is where he should stay. Not every comic book character translates to live action. Even as Nightwing, you would have to remember his back story and where he came from. It just makes Batman look bad and nobody wants that.


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