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Junior White


RINGSIDE FIX will be a TV show concept that has gained interest by several producers and networks. RINGSIDE FIX will offer a behind the scenes look and access into the world of independent professional wrestling. Beyond the big ticket glamour of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE™), there is a world that builds and allows an affordable alternative to the larger companies. All talent must come from somewhere, independent professional wrestling is that somewhere. The majority of Independent Professional Wrestling promotions make little to no money, they do provide an affordable, personal and intimate alternative to that of the wrestling major leagues.

The mandate is simple – Each week, a team of experts made up of seasoned professional wrestlers and business partner lead by seasoned professional wrestler Horace White will travel to a struggling wrestling company that is missing small pieces and will give them a RINGSIDE FIX. The team will secretly scout the struggling company prior to arrival and then work with the local promoter to help produce fresh ideas, new storylines, marketing materials, safety equipment such as a safe ring, safety rails and various other requirements as deemed by local, state and federal regulations.

A professional wrestling company typically face many issues including common issues such as:

Poor attendance

Poor promoting

Inadequate trainers

Unhappy and poorly compensated talent

Faulty Equipment

Bad to No marketing

And many other issues

RINGSIDE FIX is the alternative to turn these issues around! The FIX is here.


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