ByDipesh Mohanty, writer at

Okay the mid-season finale of flash was just freaking awesome.*SPOILERS AHEAD*The episode was an emotional ringer for me ,a lot of feels.The stuff with Barry's dad ,with Joe and confession to Iris ,all too good.My personal favorite would have to be and i'm just saying this because i love superhero team-ups,firestorm saving Barry from Reverse Flash and after that how he flew away from Caitlin.

I'm really starting to like firestorm,can't wait to see his suit.Anyways recently I have found out that Felicity and Firestorm actually had a scene together in a comic all the way back to 1984(above picture). Yes I know can't even imagine the producers ever consider doing something like that on the show today.But I really think they should meet at some point just to pay a homage to the comics. I'm the kind of guy who really wants the tv shows to be in sync with the comics but in a modern way which everyone will accept.But yeah i do want them to meet.

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