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Thanks to both Netflix and Stephen King, I am now addicted to yet another disturbing show. Stephen King had tweeted about it:

Black Mirror is without a doubt one of the best shows I have currently come across. Focusing on the overwhelming dependency and addiction our society has with technology, Black Mirror showcases the dark side of its effects in various situations. Each episode is brilliant in its own way and will make any viewer uncomfortable at some point or multiple points, but that's its intention.

I have currently completed watching Series 1 and 2. The show is an anthology series and is on UK's Channel 4. My favorite two episodes are Fifteen Million Merits, which is the Second Episode from Series 1 and The Waldo Moment, which is the Third Episode from Series 2.

I liked the dystopian atmosphere that is featured in Fifteen Million Merits. It centers in on a man and how he handled living in a world entirely centered on technology. The people in his world are forced to do various activities in order to gain points, which they can turn in for certain prizes. All of these activities are mindless, but if you refuse to do them, then you lose your points. There is only one way to get out of this society and it is to earn and spend 15,000,000 points in order to purchase a ticket to an irritating talent reality show. However, you have to have some actual talent, in the judges' opinion, in order to move on. He ends up buying two tickets throughout the episode, but one as a gift and then one for himself. The outcome of each ticket leads to a disturbing ending, but for different reasons.

I liked how The Waldo Moment shows how society tends to be way too drawn in and corrupted by entertaining characters simply for finding them humorous. Waldo is the perfect example of this because he is a foul-mouthed talking cartoon bear who harasses people. In this episode, he is harassing politicians and ends up running for office himself. Yes, a blue cartoon bear is running for office, not the man who voices him. The bear is voiced by a comedian who wants nothing to do with Waldo's political campaign, but is under the direction of TV executives who want him to do it because of the amount of ratings it will gain for their show. Of course, there are a bunch of idiots who want to vote for the bear because he's funny. They're not thinking about how he would run things or if he'd help improve their society at all. This really takes a toll on the voice of the bear and the other politicians because they all realize how ridiculous and upsetting this is. The TV executives because it gives them more and more to mess with and mock, even when the campaign is completed. It's scary what they will do to entertain viewers.

This show is definitely not for everyone. It is for mature viewers only and you have to be able to handle being uncomfortable. I'll admit during the first episode and beginning of the second episode, I wasn't sure I could handle it. I'm glad I got over that because the show is very well done and different than other shows on TV.


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