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The next installment of DC Comics original animated movies hits this month with the release of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis available for download on January 13th and in stores January 27th. Adapted from The New 52 Aquaman and Justice League series-crossover by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, the film will feature Aquaman's origin and may likely be some viewers first exposure to the character. With that in mind, here are five things that Throne could include to make it an even bigger splash:

1. Sharks

Sharks are cool, plain and simple. From Shark Week to Sharknado, the fierce predators of the deep are ratings gold, making the inclusion of a shark-related scene in Throne a must-have in order to add an immediate "Wow!" factor to the film.

2. Who is Arthur Curry?

Unlike Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, Aquaman's civilian identity has remained largely unexplored, to the point where "Aquaman's real name" might stump more than one contestant on Jeopardy. Helping fans relate to the character by revealing who he was before donning the scales is new territory and an opportunity for Throne to do for the Sea King what Batman Begins did for the Dark Knight.

3. Strong Female Characters

Mera has been a character to watch ever since Johns re-introduced her in the 2009 best-selling series Blackest Night, but Arthur's mother, Atlanna, has always been shrouded in mystery. With both characters slated to play big roles in Throne, lets hope their unique personalities are given ample screen-time to shine along with some kick-ass moments showing these women are in no way your typical damsels in distress.

4. Complex Villains

Unquestionably Aquaman's fiercest adversaries are the sea-mercenary known only as Black Manta and Arthur's half-brother Orm aka Ocean Master. The forces that drive each villain into conflict with Aquaman should be at the center of Throne, providing for some amazing action scenes, treachery and unexpected outcomes paving the way for repeat appearances.

5. Aquaman vs. the Justice League

We know he'll join the World's Greatest Super-Heroes in the end, but hero vs. hero is a staple of any good comic book movie and Aquaman going toe-to-toe with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman has epic battle written all over it. Like the Gods of Olympus feuding amongst themselves, viewers need to see Aquaman holding his own against his future teammates as nothing might get Throne word-of-mouth spreading more quickly than the guilty-pleasure of watching the Sea King knock the Man of Steel for a loop!

How about you? Are you excited for Justice League: Throne of Atlantis? I'll be attending the New York premiere on January 26th and hope to have a review of it up soon after. Comments are appreciated and you can follow me on Twitter @Jslab425 or at the Aquaman Shrine!


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