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Konstantinos Xatzimixail

Marvel cu is until now a big success....Most of us are waiting captain america civil war to hit the theaters so i'm asking...... WILL CAPTAIN AMERICA DIE IN CIVIL WAR? Chris evans wants to stop his current contract with marvel and the winter soldier has signed for 4-6 movies (not sure if its the right number thought....anyway we all know that he will be there for a while).


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In the aftermath of the civil war red scull orders an assasin to kill captain america and the winter soldier takes his place. Marvel could kill the captain america at the end of civil war and then ressurect him in the infinity war or in the begging of the phase 4 for one more movie to train sam wilson. In comics sam wilson is the new captain america and i think it makes quite sense...

so what do you think do you agree would you like to see red scull back on screens ?

Soorry if this article sucks it's my first post here ;)


Do you agree ? Will captain america die in civil war ?


Do you want to see red scull back on screen ?


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