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I think we can all pretty much agree that the Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the best adaptations of superhero comic to movie out there. I'll give it to the Avengers too but there are moments where you are like, yup this is a Disney movie.

What I love about Christopher Nolan's version of the Dark Knight is the gritty details of it all. It doesn't pretty up Batman, in fact, I think it catches it very essence of the cape crusader especially his notorious villains but I can go on for days.

*Spoilers* but seriously if you haven't seen it by now shame on you.

With the last installment The Dark Knight Rises there are many reveals for instance Ra's al Ghul daughter, Talia is the real mastermind, Bane was just following orders, Joseph Gordon Levitt's character Blake becomes Robin and Commissioner Gordon finally knows his real identity and so on.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Now for me I liked Catwoman didn't love her but she did the job necessary for a villain turned sidekick. But I think it would have been much cooler for part of the ending if when Bruce Wayne escaped the pit, it was actually much sooner.

Now he arrives at the Battle for Gotham: Cops vs. Criminals and instead of crashing out the vehicle, I would have liked a speech on how he thought that they got rid of him blah blah and that in the time they thought he was away, he really wasn't. Then it reveals a scene where he traveled to a city close to there and someone significant saw him and helped him recover. Then it reveals that this person has their own version of the bat cave and it shows that this person too is a Batman. This person sends out a signal that all across the world shows different Batmans he's recruited while he was away like the comics of Batman Inc. Like shots of different variation from Japan and Brazil to Africa and France, all different variations.

Batman Inc.
Batman Inc.

Now Batman Inc. comes from where Bruce Wayne announces that he has been funding the Batman and it will become a family business. Him and different members of the team like Catwoman, Dick Grayson and company travel the world recruiting different vigilantes. I think Nolan and team could have worked in the movie a way that Bruce realized he won't be there forever but the world still needs heroes and not just Gotham. So he then creates a version of Batman Inc. helping them out training them and such, an he calls on them in this moment to help him save Gotham and fight for it along side the cops.

Wouldn't it be awesome too when they came out from buildings, from rooftops and alleys and such to join the fight, the Batmans did it to the music of Bane's theme song totally signifying that they are now rising from the fire instead of Bane's group?

This would have given me all kinds of nerd tears.

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How do you think it should have ended?


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