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Here we are again, talking about the Hunger Games Franchise and about their rumored spinoff. For those of us just joining us, I am here to speculate about what the spinoff might be about. I have five different possibilities. I've already written about a sequel of sorts that will follow Katniss and Peeta and other important characters after the events of Mockingjay Part II.

Just to reiterate, my ranking of these plots are in likeliness of happening accompanied with how much I want it to happen. The last article is the one plot line that I find least likely to happen (and I want to see put on the big or small screen the least).

This article, as with all the others, will have spoilers for the books and/or movies. So continue with caution. This article specifically will have spoilers for Mockingjay Part I and Part II (probably, I don't actually know).

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let's get to the fun part.

Mockingjay was always my least favorite of the three books. Agree or disagree with me, but it seemed so boring. I didn't remember half of it until I reread it just before the movie came out (if you couldn't tell, I'm a die hard fan).

So, there I was, curled up in my fuzzy Sherpa blanket on my bed in my dorm room with a M&M's mug of tea to my left, a box of tissues to my right (I had a cold), and the book open in my lap. I was more intrigued this time around than I was before. I was prepared for Peeta's hijacking. I was prepared for the deaths of Boggs, Messalla, Finnick and, most crushing of all, Prim. I was prepared for Katniss's insanity. I was prepared for everything. Or so I thought.

I glazed over the part where Prim mentioned the flu epidemic that took out most people in District 13. I read it once and was like, "that's sad, I guess." But I was more distraught over the memory of Prim's death than anything.

But then I got a few chapters ahead (this was a few days before I wrote my original article about the spinoff, but I knew there was the possibility for the spinoff). I'm sitting there, half-asleep and coughing, and I realize how strange 13 really is.


This could be the spinoff!

Okay, lemme explain a little better.

There was a chance I hated President Alma Coin more than I hated President Coriolanus Snow. Not a very good one, but a chance nonetheless. This one tidbit, though, this right here about the epidemic, reveals a lot about President Coin. Maybe not surface value, but it's still there.

Coin lost two people to the epidemic that ravaged her people. Her husband. The love of her life died. And her daughter. Some people consider their children to the only reason for living. We've all seen what loss does to people in real life and in this world. Look at Katniss, Peeta, Mrs. Everdeen, Finnick, Haymitch and Johanna. They were all destroyed by losing people they loved. Most fell into madness. As Finnick so eloquently puts it:

It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.

But not Coin. No, she's still put together. If anything, she's more put together than anyone else in the series. Possibly more so that Snow.

So, what does that say about Coin?

If anything, it says she's strong. Stronger than all of the aforementioned characters. Yes, even Katniss. I'm pretty sure it makes her a beacon of hope, too. If she's able to lose so much, so much love and happiness, and still be able to run a rebellion, then anyone can continue on with life after loss. Most characters of the series do not, but she proves it's possible.

What sort of movie could we have of District 13?

I'm glad you asked.

I don't know about you, but I'm a little more interested in District 13's background. How did they survive so long? And underground, no less. What was it like for them before the epidemic? Was it as strict or less so? Have they been a democracy this whole time or did Coin force her way into power?

I want to know. Nay, I need to know.

So, here's what I'm thinking:

We are introduced to a younger, more lively Coin. One full of joy and excitement when around her family. She's a prominent figure in 13, possibly the president at this point (I'm not sure, that's for Lionsgate to decide). Whatever it is, however, she was at one point a somewhat normal human capable of making an actual smile (you know with teeth and everything).

That's what I'm talking about!
That's what I'm talking about!

She's with her family. She's spending time with them. They're in the mess hall with footage of the most recent Hunger Games playing on the screens in the background. But the family isn't paying attention, they're enjoying the joy of their child.

That's when a soldier walks over to Alma and tells her something really important. He whispers something in her ear because of the public area they're in. Her face gets real stoic and she has to leave.

We follow her and find out that there's an epidemic ravaging the district. A flu. So deadly and dangerous that it has a high mortality rate. The flu was not contained. It is airborne. And now, the entire district is contaminated.

So, that's a simple and serious conflict. Easily started out with. If Lionsgate wants, they could even start off with an solider who was above ground. The soldier comes across either a pig or a bird or some other animal that gives him the flu. He returns to 13 without symptoms. But then he starts coughing and brushes it off like nothing. Then, he enters the mess hall, where we see Coin for the first time, maybe from afar. The soldier slowly starts getting worse over the next few days. Then he dies and we get hurtled into out conflict.

And here's the real kicker. The only antidote can be found within the Capitol.

That's right. To make things interesting and tie it to the original series, soldiers from 13 will have to sneak into the Capitol and find the cure. Now, it would be lovely to have Plutarch be the one who aids the rebels. But that's not happening for obvious reasons.

But you know who could help, a certain mentor we all know and love connected to the rebellion.

Yup, that one.
Yup, that one.

Haymitch Abernathy could be on his way to the Capitol for that year's Games. But before he leaves, he hears that Coin needs to send soldiers to the Capitol to retrieve an antidote for this deadly influenza. He may need some convincing, but he concedes.

He smuggles the soldiers from 13 onto the train. He brings them into the Capitol for the Games to allow them to retrieve the antidote. All the while, back in 13, Coin is fighting to keep her family alive. Because guess who got too close to patient zero? Yup. Her child. She is distraught and is looking for any possible antidote within the district. Calling all their doctors to find one. And that's when her husband gets sick.

Back in the Capitol, the soldiers find the antidote. But here comes the issue of returning to 13. Haymitch isn't due to leave until the end of the Games. That's not for a while. Now they must be extracted. But Coin can't just send airships to pick them up. The ships would shot down and the whole mission would be for naught.

Lucky for soldiers, there's someone else within the Capitol that can be trusted. Someone not yet met in the movies.


Yes, the cat-faced lady obsessed with fur clothing. That's the one. She harbors Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Cressida, and Pollux. For this specific plot (sneaking into the Capitol, that is) to work, she can no longer be a designer for the Games. If she still were, she couldn't help them, either. She'll help them get away because Haymitch asked so nicely in that charming way of his.

For those of you who read the books, I know it was Cressida who knew Tigris. Not Haymitch. But we don't actually know for sure that he didn't know her. So there's a chance that Lionsgate can swing it.

Once the soldiers meet up with Tigris, Coin's husband is getting bad. He won't admit it, but he's having issues of his own. And their child is well on their way to being lost to them.

The extraction goes without a hitch and the team makes it back with the antidote. But not in time for Coin. No, she loses the two people more important to her.

I would like to see her dip into madness after this. To go insane. And direct that insanity, that anger at Snow. Snow had the antidote for this awful disease, too. He kept it from her. She could even get it in her head that he sent the flu to thin their numbers or even exterminate them.

And that's when Haymitch talks to her about a plan he has. A plan that he's not too sure on how to set in motion because not all of the pieces are together yet. But if the other victors play their cards right, the rebellion might begin. Coin would ask what he needs. Haymitch's response would be "First thing's first. We need to find a Mockingjay."

And there you have it. A good movie and a good plot (if I don't say so myself) that ties easily into the world of the Hunger Games without overdoing Katniss and Peeta's life.

Other characters to be involved

Like I said, I'd love to have Plutarch, but some things are just not meant to be. So these are a few other people I'd love to see involved.

Boggs, for one. He could be one of the soldiers sent into the Capitol to retrieve the antidote. I loved him in the book. And after his death, seeing an origin like this will make things interesting.

If Cressida, Messalla, Castor and Pollux could make a quick cameo that would be amazing.

I would like to see more of the prep team we never saw in the movies and Effie Trinket. Clearly not working with Katniss, but harassing Haymitch every time he tries to contact 13.

If we could bring Mags or any of the other victors (Chaff, Enobaria, Brutus, Wiress, Beetee, Annie Cresta, etc.) my year would be made for that one. We don't know much about certain characters (Chaff, Enobaria, Brutus, Annie, etc.) so a quick cameo to bring them back, possibly a quick insight into their humanity would be nice too.


This is actually a good idea. Better than I thought originally. But, I still put it near the bottom of the list because of how much it strays from the original story. It isn't close enough to what really happens in the trilogy. It would put a twist on it some fans might not want to see.

Don't get me wrong, I think most would love to see this. But there are some who will get annoyed at the fact that they come to the Capitol to get their antidote. They're built to live underground, after all.

But I wanna know what you think. So tell me.


Will this happen or nah?


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