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Jerome Maida

After over a month of speculation as to the future of the Spider-man franchise - from who would be playing him, which films he would be appearing in and for who - it seems Spider-Man will indeed be moving forward on film - and after all the hubbub the status quo looks to have won the day.

A Casting Call that has been confirmed by various sources, including FlickeringMyth, has a call for extras for an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" film.

The studio listed in the Casting Call? Sony.

The actors listed? Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan.

Now this Casting Call raises as many questions as it answers.

Namely, does this Casting Call coming out now mean Sony is producing an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" BEFORE 2018? Is "Amazing Spider-Man 3" really "Sinister Six" in disguise? Will there still be "Sinister Six", "Venom" and a "Female-led Spideyverse Movie at all?

Many of these answers won't be clear until Sony's Spidey Summit later in the month.

But for now, what seems clear is that Sony still has Spidey, Andrew Garfield will play him and an "Amazing Spider-Man 3" involving them both is coming!

What do the rest of you think about these developments?


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