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Still remains the king of the box office, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" earns another 21.9 million as it breaks the 200 mil cume mark and continues to push along into the new year. Holding ground at #2 is "Into the Woods" with another 19 mil and just shy of the 100 mil cume mark! I would think it could have it by end of this week. Holding on to #3 is "Unbroken" with 18 mil and also close to the 100 mil cum mark but may take a bit longer to get there. New at #4 is "Woman in Black: Angel of Death" with 15 mil in it's debut and right on the nose of expectations. Rounding off the top 5 is "Annie" with 11.4 mil and will fall short of reaching 100 mil.

New movies next week:
Three new wide and semi-wide releases this week as the award season kicks off in full swing with the Golden Globes this coming Sunday. With about 3500 screens, the third installment in the action-packed series of "Taken 3" will hit screens. The momentum from 1 to 2 was not that great and 2 to 3 looks to be even slower. Expect it to hit around 30 mil but probably closer to 25. Expanding this weekend is "Selma" based on the events of Selma, Alabama in 1965. Some award buzz but likely to be in the mid-teens to open. Last up in just over 400 screens in "Inherent Vice" and might do a couple of million at the box office.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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