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Last year, this year was gonna be the year to change all movies.

Now this year seems like next year is gonna be the year to change all movies.


Yeah, I'm weird like that. I don't look up the "spoiler" info because then what the heck is the point of seeing the movie? I would like to know who is in the movie, but I don't want to know their whole freaking story arc. That's the problem with movies, too. They get announced, and then some jerk on the Internet finds the script, puts it online, and we have problems.

Guys, here's a helpful hint: we don't need to know everything...that's why we watch the movies.

But, I'm not here to talk about how harmful our spoiler-infested movie-going society is nowadays, because everyone has their own opinion on it and spoilers can range from not at all bad to "why would you say that I'm going to kill you" kind of bad.

Most of the movies here don't have much spoiled for them, or at least, I haven't looked too much up on them outside of seeing the trailers. I don't know the names for all the new "Star Wars" characters because I will learn them in the movie. I know the probable Avengers lineup because Marvel has announced it, I know that Jurassic World is probably going to be the closest thing to the original Jurassic Park since...well that movie came out, and I know that Ant-Man is going to feature pretty much everyone whose worn the Ant-Man suit because that information has been released.

Why doesn't anyone spoil bad movies? Why the good ones?

Anyway, like I said, let's move on. This is going to be a big-year for movies. Well, actually, I shouldn't say movies. I should say sequels. If you haven't already noticed, it seems more and more that Hollywood is looking to tap into nostalgia rather than new ideas. I mean, yeah, there are still some great gems that are born on-screen first, such as Inception. But most movies are either based on books or are sequels to long-dead franchises.

Take the "Terminator" series as an example. So many franchises are getting "rebooted" so that they can do away with everything the fans hated and try to keep what they liked. Terminator: Genysis is going to be such a reboot, but is also apparently within the same timeline as the original films.

And will feature a fourth John Connor because apparently he changes his appearance more than stage actors change costumes :-)

Do I hope the Genysis is good? Yeah! I never want a movie to be bad. I didn't want The Maze Runner to be bad but look where that ended us. And it's got one of the coolest women in acting right now, Emilia Clark, in the lead role of Sarah Connor. Whether you're done with the "Terminator" franchise or not, you have to at least check her out as Sarah Connor. I haven't seen her with an American accent yet, and I'm oddly looking forward to that more than her real portrayal of Sarah Connor.

Speaking of franchises that have been beaten to death, we're also getting new installments to the Pirates and Jurassic series. Now, Pirates 5 has actually been a thing for a long time. It bothers me when people are so surprised at this news. People: they announced a whole new trilogy when Pirates 4 came out! Now I have no idea what this movie is about and how they are going to get it out on time, but it's Disney, they can work their magic. I'm more excited for Jurassic World, between the two, simply because this one looks to be a replica of the first one, but for the modern age. The T-Rex was cool, but this is the future, it's 2015! We need to genetically splice Dinos now. Plus, Power Rangers Dino Charge is hitting our silver-screens soon, we need some more Jurassic madness.

Bad jokes aside, Pirates 5 seems to be nothing more than a bit of wish-fulfillment for people who want to see Jack Sparrow and...uh, who was Orlando Bloom's character again?...on the big screen kicking butt together. Except, I don't know who the heck their opponent could be. Edward Kenway?

Now that is a movie I would see.

OH, and speaking of Mr. Kenway, it sounds like we won't be getting an "Assassin's Creed" movie until 2016, but that only makes 2016 an even better year, hopefully.

There are some other flicks that will catch lots of attention that I'm really not that interested in. The finale of the "Hunger Games" saga and the continuation of the Hunger Games, I mean Divergent, "Insurgent" are coming out and I'm just about ready for the whole "oh my gosh the world is ending let's allow teenagers to overthrow a government apparently adults can't do because teenagers are emotionally stable enough to do it" phase of cinema to end. Teenagers saving the world from threats like deities and monsters? Fine. Overthrowing a government that has intricate systems?

I have a better time believing The Scorch Trials will be a good movie.

I'm also not going to see Cinderella because I know what happens and the animated movie is a classic. So, I mean, watch that. It's probably cheaper, too!

The two movies I'm most skeptical about are Fantastic Four and Ant-Man. FF I'm most worried about regarding the story. I have faith that the actors can pull off these roles well, and seeing as how the Ultimate Universe, the one they are pulling from, is a bit on the renegade side, the characters should be interesting and new. However, I'm not a fan of the changes being brought to Dr. Doom and I'm not a fan of all the change story-elements they keep talking about. It's like the Spider-Man movies, the formula is simple and effective: make a movie where the villain wants to take over the world, and the team stops them. There, easy. None of this "my God, there's a secret plot that's pretty pointless to the plot" or "INSERT LOVE TRIANGLE HERE" crap that was in the Spider-Man movies. No, that was stupid.

And don't force good comic-book storylines. It leads to me ranting, and that's no fun for people because I make spelling errors!

Ant-Man I'm worried about in the same way I was worried for Guardians of the Galaxy, except with Guardians, the movie clearly was not taking itself seriously. With Ant-Man, I fear that it will. And it could...if Hank Pym were the one who created Ultron and this was the movie that saw him dealing with the fall-out of such events. But nooooo. We have to get a stupid "Civil War" movie in a year, don't we Marvel?

I am curious about the plot of Ant-Man. They're going on a heist. Well, what for? An Infinity Stone? A new Ant-Man suit? Perhaps it's some leftover Ultron stuff, or something that will lead into a Black Panther or Dr. Strange movie? Who knows? All I know is, every single prominent member of Ant-Man's comic is going to be in the movie, and I love that move. You've got a relatively unknown character that has to succeed, that has the toughest shoe to fill (oh, God, that was an accidental size-joke...), so why not put forth the strongest and most established characters?

Opposite to two movies I'm most skeptical about are two movies I'm pretty sure are gonna kick butt anyway: Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I've already hyped AoU and sung some praise for Episode VII during my Top 10 2014 trailers post, so I don't feel the need to elaborate too much. But man, if you don't believe the hype for these movies, I don't get where you're coming from. AoU seems like they've captured the horrifying essence of Ultron perfectly, while Episode VII is going to be great just to see the original cast and some newer models of older ships. If I only see two movies this year, it'll definitely be those two.

In a year for movies where things seem to be all-about "you want it you got it" there are certainly some titles that are demanding their own attention and could come into their own. I mean, who knows? Maybe Disney can make a small franchise out of these live-action movies. I wouldn't mind seeing a Mulan one or even a Little Mermaid. With where technology is now, and to counteract DC's coming Aquaman movie, a Little Mermaid movie isn't too farfetched. So, there's certainly room for potential, and I think this year will test where that potential can go.

Here's to a year of good movies!

And here's to hoping Sony clears up their cluster-mess that is the Spider-Man franchise!

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