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For the past few months rumors have been swirling over our favorite web slinger's fate in film. Some suggest that due to The Amazing Spider-Man 2's performance at the box office and the recent Sony hacks, Sony is finally ready to re-deliver Spider-Man back to Marvel. This would at last allow Spidey to appear in the MCU, thus realizing the dreams of many fans. With Sony holding a Spidey Summit later this month, we may hear either confirmation or denial of this long sought-after rumor. However, as the summit nears, the question arises: is this really worth it?

Spidey in the MCU

There's no denying it; Spider-Man showing up with the Avengers on screen would blow minds. I for one would be very excited to see such a scene. However, the fact remains that Marvel does not need Spider-Man in its universe. The Avengers is the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, and it will be shocking if its sequel, Age of Ultron, does not surpass this figure. By Avengers: Infinity War, there's no doubt that Marvel will have us, the audience, in the palm of their hands, and regardless of who is in the film by then, audiences will be captivated. Basically, Marvel is not showing any signs of slowing down, and the addition of Spider-Man will neither hurt or help them significantly. And they know it. Captain America: Civil War is due to be released next year, and although Spider-Man plays a very important role in the comics, Marvel does not seem to be phased and has written the script without Peter Parker. At this point, including the character would be mainly for fans to see a spectacular sight on film.

Sony Is Not Letting Go

Despite the [problems the company has faced this year, Sony is not letting go of their most profitable property just yet. If recent rumors are to be believed, then Sony has just put out a casting call for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. They are calling for extras on a film starring Andrew Garfield and Dane Dehaan, who play Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, respectively. If this is true, then we may be getting news of TASM3 at the Spidey Summit later this month, rather than an announcement of Sony striking a deal with Marvel.

What if it Happened?

Let's say that Marvel and Sony make a deal and Spider-Man becomes part of the MCU. Although it's too late for him to appear in Civil War, Spidey is all set to appear in Infinity War. There's just one, glaring issue.

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

If Spider-Man goes to Marvel, Andrew Garfield loses the role. That in itself is huge. In addition to the hassle of re-casting the character after just 4 years and a brand new set of solo films, getting rid of Garfield is a huge loss. Despite its many criticisms, the current series of films are all praised for his performance. Garfield was born to play this role, as he so demonstrates on film. TASM2 was a cluttered mess, but Garfield and Emma Stone's performance kept the audience invested, at least in their characters' lives. Toby Maguire nailed the awkward, nerdy part of Peter's character, but it was Garfield that showed us the true confident, sarcastic and humorous character of Spider-Man. He made Spider-Man fun to watch as a character. Toby Maguire was great in his day, but Andrew Garfield has taken this role to an entirely new level. And with only two films currently under his belt, it is much too soon to drop him from the role.

So What's Best?

I for one enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Although it was cluttered at times and a few characters could have been further developed, overall it was fun to watch the main characters grow and adjust to new conflicts and situations. And once again, the performances kept me invested and interested and wanting more. Yes, it could've been much better, and I agree that if the series continues downhill, it will be wise for the character to travel to Marvel. However, at this time I feel it is too early to take the character away from Andrew Garfield. Let him entertain us at least one more time. And once that has passed, we can consider things as they are in the moment before a decision is made.

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Should Spider-Man go to Marvel Now?


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