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We know quite a bit of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) already. Villains, roles, foreshadowing, etc. It's not as surprising when we go watch it in theathres as it would be if we knew nothing. But there's still some ways we can be surprised. Five ways, to be in fact.

5. Hank Pym's Research Sets Up Ultron

Since we already know Hank Pym will be old in Ant Man, and assuming Ant Man is present day, I think it's safe to assume Hank Pym's research from the 1900s will help Tony in his Ultronish makings. Even a name drop like that could help boost Ant Man at the box office.

4. Baron von Strucker vs Nick Fury

Imagine it now. The Avengers, all superpowered and robotic fighting superpowered and robotic villains. But on the homefront, we see Nick Fury fighting Baron von Strucker. A basic fight, no powers. SHIELD vs HYDRA, plain and simple. Wouldn't that be something?

3. Ultron Wipes Out an Entire Country

An iconic scene from the comics, Ultron wiped out an entire country. We know there's a different country Earth's Mightiest Warriors will be fighting in, and we also know there will be "Death, death, and more death" in this movie. How cool would that be?

2. A Trip to Wakanda

The trailer for AoU showed us a character played by Andy Serkis. Ulysses Klaw was the first assumption. They look exactly alike, and with a Black Panther solo flick in two years, something like this could help. Maybe when Cap needs vibranium after his shield is broken:

And it's safe to assume there's a fight scene involving somebody (or some people) with Ulysses Klaw according to my last article and the critical picture that we saw but quickly disregarded. The picture is on this link:

1. Different Shades of Hulk

We;ve heard heavy speculation that the ending of the movie shows us Hulk leaving Earth in a Quinjet (probably because of his pyschoticness). Imagine this: We see a green Hulk strapped down in a chair. He's roaring. Then, with a flicker in his eyes, he turns grey. In the comics, as you may know, the grey Hulk is Hulk's wiser, calmer, less strong, but smarter side. Red Hulk would be a cool cameo as well.


Which event do you think will be the most surprising?


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