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Move aside superheroes! You have some competition!

After doing my weekly browsing for new films and TV shows on crowd-funding websites like IndieGoGo & Kickstarter, I came across a freshly created project called "ELEMENTS" which had a very engaging poster, so I clicked on it (which I very rarely do while browsing!).

After reading through their pitch and story I noticed it had quite the original and interesting plot, which goes along the lines of something like this:

Thousands of years ago five Gods: Hephaestus, Khione, Zeus, Gaea and Poseidon all joined forces to stop the evil Greek God: Hades from destroying their Havens with his underworld army. To insure Hades wouldn't steal all of their powers if they lost the battle, all five Gods decided to conceal half of their powers in a stone then to hide them onto the mortal Earth for then to whoever find the stones to posses the power of; Ice, Fire, Lightning, Nature or Water or ALL of them.

Over the years people have dedicated whole armies and lifetimes into finding and fighting for the stones but now only two secretive, dedicated armies remain, The Peace Militia; to protect and find the stones to make sure the power doesn't fall into the wrong hands and The Death Clan; to find & use all the stones to rule the Earth and for personal, selfish use.

Already engaged? That is only the background story of "ELEMENTS." Listen to the plot/storyline for the whole of Season 1!

Its the year 2016, ever since the start of the New Year a boy named Lee Wong has been having strange nightmares about him training to be a Samurai wielding assassin whilst in the middle of a war with his group called the Peace Militia and a group of evil associations called The Death Clan which is lead by the Inferno Brother, once a high ranking and trustworthy member of the Peace Miltia
With these nightmares becoming more frequent, Lee digs more and more for information. Are these events just random nightmares? Or is there more to it?
As Lee is wanting answers on what these nightmares means, answers come at a high price...

In my whole life time I have donated to only 6 crowd-funding projects, looks like when my Christmas bonus comes in, this will be my seventh!

In my opinion it will definitely be worth donating for a perk or two! When it gets released onto the glorious Internet they will be doing a Netflix style all-in-one go release... Instead of waiting a year just for the first season to be over!

Epic logo transition.
Epic logo transition.

Donate and/or view the project here!


Will you be donating to 'ELEMENT' ?


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