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John Lloyd Young is a once in a generational performer. His knockout performance in both the stage production and movie adaptation of Jersey Boys is outstanding. The following is an account on how my admiration for this unique talent came about. And why I will always be a John Lloyd Young fan.

Let's start at the beginning.

For me it all started in a movie theater in Melbourne Australia In early July 2014. Since there wasn't a lot to see in the way of movies at the time, my mother and I decided to watch Jersey Boys. I must of been the only young person in the whole theater because it felt like Senior Citizens day. it was like sitting in a time capsule, because these elderly persons were around when the whole Four Seasons phenomenon first came about. I wanted to ask them questions but I didn't have the nerve to go up to them.

The movie had started. And I was taken to another place. When John first appeared in the barber scene with Christopher Walken, I said to myself. Who is the man? I was mesmerized from the get go. And even though John was singing like Frankie Valli, I had to close my eyes and truly listen to his voice. I had never heard a voice like John's before. Like Gyp said in the car scene he told Frankie that his voice is a gift from God. The world is going to hear that voice . When that line was delivered, I thought that the same can also be said about John too. As the movie progressed, i tried very hard not to sing all of the words to the songs out loud, because they were all kind of catchy. And for over two hours I was under John's spell.

For three weeks after that first screenin, I went and saw the movie a further six times. My family thought that I was totally insane but I didn't care what they thought. And every time that i saw the movie, I found different ways of loving John's performance more and more. But as they say in the classics, all good things had to come to an end.

John has got a fan for life.

I believe that a talent like John Lloyd Young comes around once in a generation. He has a presence not only on the big screen, but off it as well. For what I have heard form like minded JLY fans is the fact that his live appearances are awesome. Putting the fans first is rare thing in Hollywood, but that is what John does. At some of his shows, John signs and talks and even takes photos with everyone who attended that nights performance. And that to me is a sign of pure class. John has got a bright future in Hollywood and I can say this on behalf of all John Lloyd Young fans, he has got fans for life.


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