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Usually, the evolution of a Pokemon is a beautiful moment in a trainer's life. It signals impending stat boosts, a souped up move list and, most importantly, a new and improved kick-ass form...unless you happen to have levelled up one of these sorry little monsters!

Ever wondered what's going through your Pokemon's minds as they go through the biggest transformation of their lives? Well, wonder no more - the talented folks at Dorkly have produced a hilarious and telling video that reveals the dark side of every monster's miserable metamorphosis:

The video got me thinking - just how many Pokemon regret evolving? A surprising amount, as it turns out...

When you see the look on the following pocket monsters' faces, you'll wish you'd hammered on that B button to initiate a last minute evolution abortion!

Doduo - Dodrio

They say that two's company, but three's a crowd. That old idiom couldn't be more true for this argumentative wingless bird. The dual-headed Duduo seems perfectly happy with its rather unorthodox anatomy, until it hits the dreaded level 31 that is!

The squawking trifecta of heads that make up Dodrio seem about as diplomatic as three rivalling adolescent sisters! And the worst thing about it? None of them can escape their terrible conjoined fates.

Trubbish - Garbodor

What can possibly be worse than a pile of trash, you might ask. How about an even bigger pile of stinking trash?! Granted, the pre-evolved Trubbish doesn't exactly look thrilled about his garbage-infested body, but Garbodor is hardly a cleaned up improvement. I think it's time to get the trash compactor out.

Koffing - Weezing

For a purple ball filled with poisonous toxic gasses, Koffing looks like a pretty chirpy guy...until he suffers the same fate as Doduo. The evolved form Weezing looks positively miserable, resigned to two extra appendages that seem to ooze depression instead of gas.

Oh Weezing, you break my heart - why are you so sad?!

Caterpie - Metapod

This spry caterpillar is free to explore its natural surroundings in the Viridian Forest and seems as happy as a bug can be. But all good things must come to an end, as Metapod's lifeless eyes of despair prove.

The sedated-looking chrysalis looks like he's just about ready to commit suicide, if only he could do anything other than harden!

Scraggy - Scrafty

Not even Pokemon can keep the years from showing, with Scraggy's skin having visibly sagged in its aged evolved form. Looking a bit worse for wear, the morose Scrafty is forced to perpetually hold up his own legs after turning into a old and unimproved version of its previous self. Perhaps a swift nip and tuck is in order!

Wurmple - Cascoon

At level 7 Wurmple is sentenced to the isolated prickly prison that is Cascoon. That evil red eye hardly seems happy in its cage - I'm sure the little beast was much happier before it evolved!


Which evolved Pokemon most deserves your pity?


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