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There's a lot about celebrities that us mere mortals will never have the privilege to know, but who would have thought so many huge stars out there are actually secret twins?

Check out this list of celebs who have been hiding a whole other person from the spotlight and see how many are news to you. I was flabbergasted more than once!

Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

When I heard that Vin Diesel was a twin I was gobsmacked, but thing's got even weirder when I did a little research on his fraternal twin brother.

Vin's brother shares a first name with his late Fast and Furious co-star, Paul Walker and the pair also bare a resemblance to each other.

In one of the only pictures of Diesel's unidentical twin online, he's standing next to Walker with a grin on his face. The image appears in a moving post on Vin Diesel's Facebook page entitled "The Two Pauls."

Alongside the photograph of the two most important men in Diesel's life is the following emotional caption from the star:

Pablo and my mother would have deep conversations... she claimed, that it was no accident that this on-screen duo has come to define brotherhood in Our millennium.

You see... the other guy in the photo is also named Paul... and although they look more alike, he is actually my twin brother

Vin Diesel's twin, Paul, alongside the late Paul Walker [Credit: Facebook]
Vin Diesel's twin, Paul, alongside the late Paul Walker [Credit: Facebook]

Ashton and Michael Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher's fraternal twin brother Michael currently lives in his home state of Iowa with his son.

Michael was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy and was required to have a heart transplant at the age of thirteen, but he hasn't let any of this hold him back.

Michael works as a motivational speaker and spokesperson for an advocacy organization named Reaching For the Stars to try and enrich the lives of others with cerebral palsy.

Jon and Dan Heder

Yep, that's right, there are two Napoleon Dynamites on this fair earth!

Jon and Dan Heder look like they share a sense of humor along with a face! The pair apparently "caused a lot trouble by pretending to be the other" while they were children and I wouldn't be surprised if they played the same sort of tricks now they run a production company together!

Scarlett and Hunter Johannson

Scarlett's brother Hunter has received a lot more exposure than some of the more hidden twins on this list.

The younger brother by 3 minutes often accompanies his sister to red carpet events and was even her date to the Golden Globes in 2009.

While Hunter might be just as attractive as his sister, he is also a lot more than a pretty face. The political minded 28-year-old was a campaign advisor for President Obama in 2008.

Aaron & Shawn Ashmore

Okay, I'll admit it. I had no idea there were two Ashmores even though I have watched numerous programs and movies starring both brothers.

These identical twins have both had stints in Smallville, but Shawn is probably the better known of the two thanks to his role as Iceman in the X-Men film series.

Oh, and they also have an identical GMA tattoo on their wrists just to make things even more confusing!

Alanis and Wade Morisette

'90s icon Alanis Morissette has a twin brother named Wade. The pair are very close thanks to their shared interest in yoga and Indie music. In fact, Alanis even honored her brother with her son's middle name. Awww!

Giselle and Patricia Bundchen

Giselle has five sisters, and one of them just so happens to be a twin.

The Victoria's Secret model is incredibly close to her sister Patricia and the pair can often be seen hitting events and red carpets together.

Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is seven minutes older than his twin sister Rachel who works on the other side of showbiz.

While Kiefer and the pair's actor father are in their element in front of the camera, Rachel prefers to work behind them as a television postproduction supervisor.

Linda and Leslie Hamilton

The Terminator's Linda Hamilton has an identical twin sister named Leslie who also helped out as a double multiple times during the filming of the franchise.

Eva and Joy Green

Eva Green has a slightly younger twin sister named Joy who shares her stunning good looks but has a very different outlook on life.

The twins' father told The Daily Mail that the pair could not be more different and that:

While Eva likes to be in the city, Joy loves the countryside and her horses. They didn't get on as teenagers but Joy is now very proud of Eva. They're very close

Joy Green currently resides in Italy and breeds horses as a living.


How many of these celebrity twins had you heard about before?

(Source: Pop Sugar and Forever Celeb)


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