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Sometimes in life it kind of feels like you're permanently wearing a mask. Outwardly the mask might show everything that society tells us we should be: restrained, responsible, sensible, but inwardly, behind all that, all you want to do is skip down the street, whistling a fun tune.

Hungary based animators Elena Rogova and Zhenia Pavlenko have created this cute animated short film titled Appearance and Reality which tackles this feeling of showing the world one side of yourself, and hiding another.

Check out some highlights before watching the video at the end of the article:

Our main character, torn between delight and disdain

However children don't filter themselve like adults, what you see is what you get

Fighting the urge to be amazed by a butterfly or annoyed

That feeling of annoyance when you seeing someone you have to pretend to like

And saying something that sounds nice but is imbued with deeper meaning

Let's face it, I think this is something we can all relate to!

Watch the whole short film below:


Do you think the animation makes a good point?

Source: Vimeo via Sploid


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