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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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There seems to be no end to the ascension of Kate Upton's celebrity star. Whether she is cavorting around on idyllic beaches in front of expensive DSLR lenses or sharing screen time with cinematic luminaries such as Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, we're now all very aware of her multiple talents.

With that in mind, the lucky lady can add "played Greek Goddess Athena in a fantastically expensive series of adverts for a mobile game" to her Wikipedia page, because - drum roll - Kate Upton is the new face of mobile game developer Machine Zone's Game Of War: Fire Age!

You're gonna want to see this...

The above advert for the mobile MMORPG pits a legion of angry, dirty men, against another legion of angry men with shiny helms, against another legion of angry wild men with face paint and head wear made of dragon scales, in a free-for-all, mass rampage of a battle. Though the headwear guys pretty much just stand around screaming and being all wild and stuff.

The advertising campaign cost around $40 million to create, which is an absurd amount of money for a game that is basically Clash Of Clans... with more cleavage and dragons, of course. Wait... cleavage and dragons can mean only one thing...


Alas, no. This is Game Of War, it's completely different...

Did you manage to see the video? No? Maybe? Well regardless...


How I've missed thee.

Obligatory Battle Scenes

Just to set the scene, you know.

A Warhammer!

Flamey Arrows!

Dancing Wildmen!

Someone Should Speak To Their Armorer

It's cold, looks fairly damp and there are blades and arrows flying around everywhere. What's so important about your shoulder, Upton?

The Hero

Here we get introduced to the man of the hour. Look at him, all mousey and completely aware of...

Dangerous Dragons!

Aah, so that's why the dancing guys are all dancey. I'd be pretty pleased too if I had a squad of these behind me.

Upton Don't Care About No Dragon

And her dress is still impeccably white. It's going well for her so far.

She even has time to stare seductively into the distant camera as death flaunts all around her.

A Heroic Idea

I see where you're going with this, hero...

They really wanted this shot in there, I can imagine.

Seems as if Athena is actually going to do something apart from saunter saucily...

Nope, here she whispers enticingly.

Fire In The Hole!

Look at these unassuming wyrms. You're not so tough.

As evidenced here.


The hero did it, all thanks to Athena Upton's breath on his ear. How exciting!

A rather epic and expensive way of getting your mobile game into the male consciousness - fire, battles, dragons and Kate Upton in slow motion, but I'm guessing Machine Zone will be fine. The game makes $1 million a day on average.

So, has this advert coerced you into playing?


Best Game Ever?


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