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We were all super excited last year when fantasy fairy tale TV show [Once Upon a Time](series:720994) announced that Anna, Elsa and some other key members from the [Frozen](movie:411685) gang were going to be joining the cast for Season 4!

Since then we've had an amazing 12 episodes with the characters from Frozen, and it looks like the creators on Once Upon a Time have had some fun transforming animated scenes from the Disney movie into live action.

Have a look at a sample of scenes from Once Upon a Time which are very similar to Frozen:

Elsa making dramatic entrances and exits:

When Elsa enters or leaves a room it's very important that she be center screen and that her dress be gracefully spread behind her.

Anna and Elsa's parents meeting their tragic end

One of the shortest scenes in the movie, but an extremely important one. Not to mention one of the most heartbreaking.

Anna and Elsa sharing sisterly moments

One of the things that made [Frozen](movie:411685) such a success was that it was a story, ultimately, about two sisters. Despite their ups and downs they were there for each other when it counted, and I'm happy some of the moments in Once Upon a Time have the same tenderness that we saw in Frozen.

With the second half of Season 4 still to be screened, I'm sure there will be more parallels between the show and the movie hitting our screens! I can't wait.

Did you notice any other similar scenes between Frozen and Once Upon a Time?

Source: Screencapped


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