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Even something as pure and virtuous as a children's coloring book can be twisted beyond recognition when they fall into the hands of some particularly devious artists.

Don't believe me? I bet you can't get to the bottom of this list without grimacing or grinning at least once!

Grimace and Bear It

Haven't you seen Grizzly Man, Mickey? You idiot!

Thor Does Phwooooar!

How much do you think it is for him to take his hammer out?

Beauty and the Blood

I'm not sure if this particular squirrel stationary idea will catch on, Belle.

My Girl: Yellowstone Edition

To be honest, I always found Yogi super annoying anyway...

Under the Skin

Don't worry Ariel, those basic bitches are just jealous of your swag. And your intestines. They're beautiful intestines!

Kida Meth

I knew Otis seemed too good to be true...

A Princely Perversion

Ummm, if Cinderella caught you doing that, I'm not sure she would be that into you.

It's Peanut Butter Penis Time!

Well, I guess the fact that they are both dogs makes this mildly less offensive?

Raja Rump Steak

A Whole New World of pain awaits!

The Phantom Princess

I think it's Beast who should be afraid this time around...

Forkin' Hell!

Ariel forgot to take her meds at the big dinner.

Blind Barney

Pro Tip: When a giant purple dinosaur that's clearly had it's eyes burnt out asks you to look into a toxic looking light, you probably shouldn't.

The Deadliest Catch

I love sushi!


So, what did you think?

(Source: Smoosh, Know Your Meme, Deviantart and Coloring Book Corruptions)


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