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Director, Christopher Nolan, has revealed which film inspired him to create the daringly realistic Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter after the release of his latest film Interstellar, Nolan said Richard Donner's 1978 Superman film left "a huge impression" on him and later influenced his decision to take Batman into a more naturalistic setting.

Christopher Nolan on the set of 'The Dark Knight'.
Christopher Nolan on the set of 'The Dark Knight'.

Nolan said, "one of the great films that I am very influenced by was Dick Donner’s ‘Superman’ — 1978, that came out.

"It made a huge impression on me.

I can remember the trailers for it, I can remember about ‘Superman’ the movie, all of that.”

Moving on to speak about Tim Burton's adaptation of Batman, Nolan continued:

"it was very clear to me that however brilliant – and it was very brilliant – Tim Burton’s take on ‘Batman’ was in 1989, and it was obviously a worldwide smash, it wasn’t that sort of origin story, it wasn’t that real-world kind of epic movie; it was very Tim Burton, a very idiosyncratic, gothic kind of masterpiece. But it left this interesting gap in pop-culture, which is you know, you had ‘Superman’ in 1978, but they never did the sort of 1978 ‘Batman,’ where you see the origin story.”
Burton's (left) vs Nolan's (right)
Burton's (left) vs Nolan's (right)

The difference between Tim Burton's Batman and Donner's Superman, Nolan explained, is that Superman was the story of a superhero in the real world, whereas Burton’s Batman existed in a very Burton-esque world.

Burton's Batman (left); Donner's Superman (right)
Burton's Batman (left); Donner's Superman (right)

In Nolan's words:

"…the world (in his Batman trilogy) is pretty much the world we live in but there’s this extraordinary figure there, which is what worked so well in Dick Donner’s ‘Superman’ film… What I loved about ‘Superman’ was the way New York felt like New York, or rather Metropolis felt like New York; Metropolis felt like a city you could recognize — and then there was this guy flying through the streets."

He then goes on to say his reasoning was:

"That’s amazing, so let’s do that for Batman, and let’s start by putting together an amazing cast.”

And that's exactly what he did. He put together a show-stopping cast and portrayed the already incredible story-lines in a mesmerizingly real Gotham City. They were Batman movies closer-to-home than ever before.

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