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He's one of the most arrogant, rude and chauvinistic characters that Disney has ever created, but for some reason Gaston has become a viral sensation in the last few months.

After previously being told off by a young girl, and challenged to an arm wrestle, the latest video of Gaston shows a war of the muscles as Gaston is challenged to a push-up contest!

The video was uploaded by the challengers' brother, who said that whenever he and his brother visit the Disney parks they make it their goals to "make some's day, even if it's just one person." I definitely think they achieved that with their challenge to Gaston, but don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

The newcomer challenges Gaston to a push-up challenge

After identifying a woman as the 'prize' they begin, and the challenger looks in good form!

Things look pretty even until Gaston turns up the challenge saying "looks like he is struggling...Perhaps he needs a HAND?"

And with the one handed push-up pressure, soon the challenger crumbles!

I think my favorite part about the whole video is Gaston's terrible form, the challenger clearly knows how to bust out some serious push-ups, but in reality it's a pretty classic Gaston move to not even do one single legitimate push-up.

Over at Comic Book they even went as far to identify that the Gaston who got challenged to this push-up contest the very same Gaston who got sassed by the little girl a few weeks back. Talk about an awesome job! Take a look:

Watch the whole challenge go down here:


Gaston: awesome or the worst?

Source: Comicbook


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