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Our long enforced Vampire Diaries detox will soon be over, but I have been scouring the internet like an addict to find anything that reminds me of the highly addictive CW show.

Luckily, I hit the jackpot while browsing around Deviantart. These awesome artworks are such a credit to the creativity and passion of the Vampire Diaries fandom and I just had to share them with you in the roundup below!

You Can't Masque True Love

Image: Catluckey

Stefan and Katherine are a picture of painterly perfection in this artistic depiction of the season two masquerade.

Delena Dreaming

Image: J-Grey

This gorgeous painting of Delena shows the passionate pair at the height of their love affair.

The Look of Love

Image: Catluckey

I think we can all guess who this uber-artistic fan in shipping...

Image: Jeminabox

This digital painting of the forever infamous Delena rain kiss totally captures the raw yearning between the star-crossed pair.

Pitch Black Passion

Image: YasmineNevola

This delicate pastel drawing captures the dark and seductive undertones of the love triangle when it was at it most raw. Anyone else miss these days?

Vintage Vixen

Image: Eileen9

This gorgeous charcoal portrait of Elena makes her look like a silver screen goddess from Hollywood's golden age.

Blast from the Past

Image: OGiiLMountainArt

Fan favorite Lexi unleashes her dark side.

Baby Blues

Image: Vampirekingdom

This gorgeous painting captures Damon's piercing gaze masterfully.

The Power of Touch

Image: DavidDeb

You can almost feel the electricity of their tenuous touch.

Darkness and Light

Image: Evionn

Tyler is a character of huge contrasts and this pencil drawing expresses that quite literally!


Image: FabieLove

Caroline's softer side shines through in this artfully delicate pencil drawing.

Bewitching Skills

Image: Jeanetkristensen

Bonnie's wise and serene gaze has totally been captured by this awesome artist.

Pastel Perfection

Image: Eileen9

This gorgeously hazy image reminds me of the delicately colorized Victorian photos.


Which gorgeous art work would you hang on your wall?


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