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Bioware's Mass Effect 4 is still without an official release date, though with Dragon Age: Inquisition behind them, the developers can now focus their attention on the sci-fi epic for (hopefully) the PS4, Xbox One and PC. But what will the plot be, could Shepard be the antagonist?

As of now, we are still unsure as to where exactly Bioware will be taking us with the next instalment in the Mass Effect series. Players were informed that they may want to hold onto those save files for the trilogy (but I really hope they remaster the trilogy before then), meaning that the choices you've made could potentially have an impact on the events in Mass Effect 4. Therefore, we can assume that the title will take place in the future, but what kind of future will we see?

Mass Effect 4 - Shepard as Antagonist on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Naturally, there will be plenty of spoilers ahead for the Mass Effect trilogy, so if you haven't played them, you've been warned (but also...why are you reading this article...?). Obviously, the scenario that I'm going to describe will take place only after one of the 3 available ending options. I highly doubt that Bioware will create a completely different gaming world depending on the choice you made in ME3...but that would be seriously impressive.

In one of Mass Effect 3's endings, Shepard stops the Reapers' invasion by taking control of them. His body disintegrates and he becomes an A.I. that leads the Reapers in rebuilding the galaxy. The player is born into this new world, one of renewal and recreation. But others realise the power that the reapers possess, a power that could be harnessed.

The Reapers
The Reapers

A being, or perhaps a group of elite individuals, filled with a lust for power, realise the potential power that this Shepard A.I. possesses. A mere man could attain this power. The ability to create a whole new galaxy under their guidance is an alluring notion and they combine their efforts and set out to destroy Shepard's connection to the colossal machines. You play as a character who must amass a team to overcome the desires of these enemies.

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But what if our abilities were thwarted by non other than Shepard himself? Shepard set out to recreate a balance in the universe as he took control of the Reapers, perhaps the villains gain too much control and the Shepard A.I. must make the decision of whether he should destroy the galaxy as the reapers originally intended, thus, by proxy, becoming the antagonist of Mass Effect 4.

Shepard in Mass Effect
Shepard in Mass Effect

It becomes our job to both defeat this group of enemies and convince the Shepard A.I. and Reaper fleet that the galaxy is worth sparing once more. Just a theory of course...But I thought it could be an intriguing platform for other gamers out there to come up with their own ideas for the plot of Mass Effect 4!

Got any ideas of where Bioware should go with the plot? Let us know in the comments Mass Effect fans!


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