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It's always important for any star to stay connected with their fans. After all, a big time actor, singer, athlete, dancer, etc is nothing without those that support them. To take it a step further, I would argue that someone who plays a hero or heroine has an even bigger obligation to do things like sign autographs since fans truly fall in love with them - and their character - on the big screen.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are two of Hollywood's brightest young stars who've held leading heroine roles, but they are both also so down to earth and great with their fans. They're awesome in their own unique way - you can look at these photos of the two signing autographs and immediately get a glimpse of their sparkling personalities:

J-Law hamming it up on the red carpet

I mean, this is amazing. There is something so great about how J-Law can do the beautiful thing when she wants, but can so easily do the goofy, ridiculous thing too. I love her.

Emma Watson completely and totally exuding class

Emma looks absolutely breathtaking here. In fact, I can't really think of any picture I've seen of her that didn't look pretty close to flawless, now that I think about it.

Everyone has got their own style. In this case, we have two great examples of autograph signings that work. They're both perfect in my opinion. I have no idea who's autograph I would want more. I just know if I got either I'd be pretty damn happy.

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Who's autograph would you rather get?


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