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For anyone who has made a tradition out of watching their favorite Disney movies or for that lucky person with season passes to Disneyland, spotting Hidden Mickeys can be an unparalleled pleasure. It's like playing Where's Waldo on a constantly moving picture, and you never know exactly how your target will look.

Fortunately, our friends over at Oh My Disney have compiled a list that breaks down official Hidden Mickeys in some of the most classic films—dating all the way back to the very first animated feature. For those that don't know, Hidden Mickeys are most often three circles (one large, two small) that take the shape of Mickey's head, and sometimes they are depiction of the mouse in the flesh.

Considering the animators' sly abilities to insert this symbol in almost every movie, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list.

If you want to play along, don't scroll too far past the image you're investigating! For those impatient folks, answers will follow immediately after each image. From easy to hard, can you find all the Hidden Mickeys?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Do you spot the first ever Hidden Mickey?

Good rule of thumb, especially in older Disney movies: where there are bubbles, there are probably Hidden Mickeys. Sometimes, it's a little less subtle...


Something tells me you don't need a big red circle to tell where this one is.

A Goofy Movie

Where's that ubiquitous mouse?

Here's an example of Mickey the character actually appearing. The only mouse in a room full of dogs (and that one goat in the bottom left of the frame), Mickey somehow fits right in at Max's concert.

Beauty and the Beast

Don't let the sprawling room intimidate you, there's a Mickey symbol to find here.

How else would you accentuate the gold moulding of your personal library than with a nod to one of the finest animated characters of all time?


I've gotta say, finding this one became considerably easier by slowing down those swinging axes.

Even the Ancient Greeks couldn't deny the pull of the Hidden Mickey easter egg.

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch are clearly far too occupied practicing hula to search for Hidden Mickeys, but can you spot the one in this image?

Ah, of course, the common fruit stand hiding place. The perfect place for circles of varying size.

The Lion King

Where could he possibly be hiding in this bug-infested shot?

It's out of focus and in the background, but a Hidden Mickey nonetheless!

Wreck-It Ralph

Here's an example of a more recent movie, proving that Disney animators have not tired of concealing Mickey for a whole new generation of moviegoers.

To be fair, I'd imagine this is a lot easier to spot on the big screen.

The Little Mermaid

Where could he possibly be in Atlantica?

Oh, naturally, right among the citizens! For any Kingdom Hearts fans out there, the sight Donald and Goofy underwater makes total sense.

The Rescuers

Yes, this is a room full of mice, but I promise there's a Mickey lurking somewhere in the frame.

I like to think that this is not only a clock to the Rescue Aid Society, but also a tribute to the most famous mouse in town.


The most recent Disney favorite HAD to include a Hidden Mickey, but do you spot it?

Elsa only throws appropriately branded ice when she's battling her foes.

And another for Frozen just because:

I spy, with my little eye, something mousey.

She's pointing right to it! Way to go, Anna!

BONUS: Aladdin

This one wasn't really fair for a Hidden Mickey, but it's a wonderful moment that has gone mostly overlooked. After the battle against Jafar, Raja is magically transformed back to his adult form. For just one frame, he's wearing some suspiciously familiar ears:

Yep, in a blink and you miss it moment, Raja rocks Mickey's face.

I'm sure this wasn't enough for all the Disney sleuths out there, so comment with your favorite Hidden Mickeys and any that were not included on this list. Happy hunting!


Do you find yourself looking for Hidden Mickeys in Disney movies and parks?


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