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Fresh off the presses from Variety is a spot of news to confirm a fairly controversial casting: that of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)'s very own Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, has landed the lead role in the upcoming [Ghost in the Shell](movie:1224130) film.

The film isn't greenlit yet, but some of the names attached include Steven Spielberg, and [Snow White and the Huntsman](movie:44630) director Rupert Sanders, under the Dreamworks umbrella. It's a neo-reality cyborg action thriller based off of a classic anime, that deals with being human in a world where technology runs the show.

Still, for many fans - myself included - this is another hit to the childhood. Anime fans remember the Major as Motoko Kusanagi, which isn't exactly a name I see coming up in the film if Johansson is playing her.

Seeing the Lucy star back in her element and playing a strong, dangerous woman is always nice, of course, but this kind of seems like a wasted casting because Johansson is constantly cast in roles like these. As much as I enjoy Hollywood's "action ladies", I feel like there really need to be more than three women per generation that we look up to as action stars.

Mako Mori's suit-up reminds me of the Major!
Mako Mori's suit-up reminds me of the Major!

I would have really preferred to see an unknown - and a Japanese actress - at the forefront of this anime-inspired film. Hollywood has barred Asian actors and actresses from the star-studded roles they deserved before, and we saw how well that went for Dragonball, didn't we? With the never-ending rumors of projects like AKIRA and Cowboy Bebop, this casting doesn't seem to bode well for future American-made anime films.


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