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Over the years, many knock-off backpacks, many of them possibly produced in China, have been circulating across the world, particularly websites such as eBay. Many of these backpacks have become internet memes and/or gags that fit into the modern nerd culture. Perhaps a best-known example of this situation is the notorious bootleg backpack combining passions for the Harry Potter franchise, President Obama, and Sonic the Hedgehog, although it's a "Harry Potter" backpack in name only, as only a badly-colored Sonic with the word "Obama" on the side appears on it. This backpack has spawned countless internet memes and even T-shirts.

However, that is not the case for this article. What is the case, however, is the backpack you see in the photograph above. It has the logo for Shrek 2, the second film in Dreamworks' wildly-popular Shrek film franchise. However, it doesn't actually show Shrek. Instead, it shows a picture of the Incredible Hulk, looking like it was a picture lifted directly from a comic book. I would say that the backpack looks like it has a high-quality feel to it, next to the Batman backpack that shows only Superman on it.

This mish-mash backpack leads to one simple, yet thought-twisting, question: do people in China think that Shrek and the Incredible Hulk are one and the same, and if so, have many people in the country confused Shrek for the Hulk, and vice-versa?

Shrek has had a long bootleg history in China. For instance, the fake Chinese version of Disneyland, Shijingshan Amusement Park, features Shrek as one of its character mascots. If you want to take a trip to this amusement park, too late; it got shut down after a copyright infringement lawsuit from Disney. However, the good news is that Disney is going to officially open a resort in China sometime this year.

Another instance was a rather infamous knock-off superhero toy line known as the "Sense of Right Alliance". The toy features mostly comic book characters, mainly from Marvel and DC, along with characters from Power Rangers and Pixar's 2006 film Cars. The Thing from the Fantastic Four was once in the collection, but got replaced by a badly-colored version of Shrek. So far, the Hulk was not included in the collection, giving us a hint to this conspiracy theory. Shrek was featured in yet another knock-off superhero toy line known as the "Superman Big Alliance". One of the sets for this collection featured a more accurately-sculpted version of Shrek, and his skin was in the same light green color that he typically has. So far, the Hulk is still not included.

Unfortunately, this is all the evidence I could present in this article, but if you have any other evidence to share, please comment.


What are your thoughts on this conspiracy theory?


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