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Bootleg superhero toys, ranging from the "Sense of Right Alliance" to "Specialman" to "Super Heroes: Justice League" (the one with Naruto in it!) have been all the rage on the internet amongst many nerds around the world. However, a very interesting example of bootleg superhero toys has arrived in this investigative copyright report.

That's right, folks! As you can see in the photograph above, it's a bootleg Avengers toy set featuring two small figures, and those are the Thing from the Fantastic Four, what appears to be Kingpin. However, the only large figure in the box is an almost unappealing version of Buzz Lightyear from Disney and Pixar's successful Toy Story franchise. This toy could've most likely been produced in China, the bootleg capital of the world, so do some people in China, if possible, think that Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man are the same guy?

Well, good ol' Iron Man appears on the bottom-right corner of the packaging, but Buzz Lightyear is the only toy shown in the box.

Well, the suits of Iron Man and Buzz Lightyear is kinda similar, except that one can show his whole head, while the other is just a helmet with a mask. Also, their personalities can kinda be similar, too. Buzz Lightyear's nemesis, the evil emperor Zurg, can also be confused for Thanos, one of the main antagonists in the Avengers comics, although his resemblance was mostly based off of Darth Vader than anything.

Another question I can expose is this: do some people in China also think that Buzz Lightyear is a member of the Avengers?

Well, both Marvel and Pixar are owned by the Walt Disney Company, meaning that Disney holds the rights to both the two companies. Many Pixar and Marvel Comics characters, such as Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man, were also included in the video game Disney Infinity, but the problem is, according to what I was told, that video game consoles are banned in China, meaning that the only way to play video games in that country is by means of PC games.

So, this report comes to a close. Until next time, hopefully I'll have some more investigative copyright reports coming soon!


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