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Who Killed Nora?

So, I know that I am kind of late on writing this, but I just got all caught up with [Arrow](series:720988) and [The Flash](series:1068303) . First, I've gotta say that I loved both of the mid-season finales and cannot wait for the shows to continue. But, something in The Flash's mid-season final struck me. Now, be warned, if you are not caught up with show, read at your own risk because there will be spoilers.

At the end of the episode when Cisco and Joe are talking, Cisco points out something very striking. Cisco mentioned that he saw both yellow (from Barry) and red (from Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash/The Man in the Yellow Suit) lightning while they fought each other. He went on to also point out that the police reports of Nora Allen's case say that Barry described a flash of both yellow and red lightning. So, as Cisco and Joe concluded, there must have been two "speedsters" at the crime scene (if it was just Professor Zoom, Barry would have only seen red lightning).

This immediately made me think of the Flashpoint Arc written by Geoff Johns. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the story, it describes that Barry goes back in time to stop his mother from being murdered. Without Barry's mother's murder, Barry never becomes the Flash, and the Justice League is never formed. Also, many of the superhero's origins are changed. I won't get into the specifics of how they changed, but some of them are really cool. I highly suggest you read it if you haven't already. So, a now-powerless Barry has to recreate the accident that him his powers so that he could use his speed to reverse the damage he did by saving his mother from Professor Zoom (he finds out what he did from Thawne/Zoom as well). But Professor Zoom intends to stop him from ever going back so that the world doesn't go back to the way it was. But, Barry ends up stopping his past self from saving his mother. This creates yet another new earth (three in all) which merges with the other two to create a new DC Universe and the New 52. I think all of that's right, but, if any of you know this better than I do and want to correct me on anything I didn't get right, please do so. It's all pretty convoluted and confusing. Plus, it's been a while since I read it or watched the movie. But I think I got most of it.

Obviously, the show will not replicate the arc completely. It can't. The main reason being was that both Barry and Professor Zoom were at the scene of the murder. In Flashpoint, Zoom never went back with Barry because he was killed by Thomas Wayne/Batman. But, they show could be building up to an awesome adaption. Before you dismiss me, hear me out. First of all, Nora may have been killed by a burglar (like in the movie The Flashpoint Paradox) another timeline. This will get extremely confusing by the way, so try to keep up. Secondly, I think that other earths already exist in the show (there are three).

In the comics, Professor Zoom is Eddie Thawne.
In the comics, Professor Zoom is Eddie Thawne.

So here is my theory. It's kind of long, so there is a summarized version if you scroll down. So, you can just read that if you want. In the original Earth, Professor Zoom (aka the Harrison Wells that is in the show) did murder Nora. Then Barry got his powers and prevented his mother's murder by taking out the burglar while he was on the way to Barry's house. So, the burglar never got there. Then Barry woke up to a new dystopia where he had no powers. He realized that he needed to regain his powers and change the past. To do so, he tracks down Cisco and Caitlin (since it seems that Zoom is Wells) in the hope that they could recreate the accident with the particle accelerator. They do, and Barry regains his speed. Professor Zoom/Harrison Wells shows up to stop Barry, who suspects that Wells has something to do with this. But, Wells reveals that it was Barry who caused this by saving his mother. Wells tries to stop Barry, and both end up going back to the time of Nora's murder. Barry tries to stop his former self from taking out the burglar by merging with his former self, but he arrives just after his former self took out the burglar. So, he merges with his former self so that he is the only Barry. Wells, however, is still keeping up with Barry to try to stop him. Barry and Zoom arrive at young Barry's house. Barry, realizing that Zoom may try to kill his younger self, rescues young Barry. After that, Barry kills his own mother and restores the timeline. The Barry that killed Nora now ceases to exist since he saved our Barry. But, since Wells has actually been traveling between timelines (there is only one of him), he returns to our timeline. So, Wells remembers everything, our Barry doesn't because he wasn't there, and the world is back to "normal."

Before I go on, let me summarize.

  • Barry1 prevents the burglar from ever getting to the Allen house 14 years ago and causes the future to be a dystopia.
  • Barry2 wakes up (note Barry2 and Barry1 are the same. I just want to distinguish them from each other).
  • Wells/Zoom travels across timelines to this dytopian earth to prevent Barry2 from fixing it.
  • Barry2 and Wells go back to right after Barry1 stops the burglar.
  • Barry2 merges with Barry1. Barry2 is now in control.
  • Barry2 saves 10 year old Barry from Wells and stabs Nora.
  • Wells return to his own timeline (i.e. the one which we have been following...but he goes to the future).
  • Barry2 ceases to exist, and our Barry is the only "Barry" left. Our Barry has no recollection of murdering Nora because he was the Barry saved by Barry2. Our Barry didn't kill anyone.
  • Wells returns to the our timeline but in the future. He is the future self of the Harrison Wells we see now in the show. So, we are witnessing a completely new universe in which Harrison is aware of all of this.
  • There are now three universes: One where the burglar kills Nora, one where she doesn't die, and the one we are witnessing

I hope that summary cleared things up a bit. Now, I'll address some other elements of the series concerning Dr. Wells. First, throughout the season, we have seen him refer to that newspaper article from the future. Y'know, the one that says that the Flash is missing. That may be indicative of future Wells' new plan. After he failed in saving Nora and came back to our timeline, he probably wanted to create a new plan. I think that maybe he'll become faster than Barry and use his greater speed to transport our Barry to another time or a place outside of the time-space continuum. Doing this would effectively take Barry out of action and would leave Wells unopposed. So, how could wells become faster (or even as fast as) Barry? Well, why do you think he's so obsessed with having Barry go faster and studying Barry's speed? He knows that his plan to save Nora didn't work out because he wasn't fast enough. So, he needs to make his future self faster. That would explain all of the testing. Now, about Zoom's appearance in the episode. Yes, that was the future Wells that I mentioned. He traveled back in time for the tachyon particle device. Present Wells knew that his future self was going to go back in time for the device so that his future self could be faster. That also explains why present Wells would try to stop his future self. He had to throw people off. He had to make it look like he was also the enemy of the Man in the Yellow Suit. So, he made an elaborate machine that seemed like it should have been able to trap his future self. He also made sure, somehow, that it would malfunction. He wanted to make it look like he was against his future self, while he was trying to help...himself. That's why, when Cisco apologized for the malfunction, Harrison said that it wasn't his fault. It was Harrison's. He sabotaged the force-field. This whole thing also explains why present Harrison put himself in harm's way willingly. He knew that his future self wouldn't kill him. If present Harrison died, future Harrison would cease to exist. Plus, Harrison getting his ass kicked only added to the illusion that he wasn't the Man in Yellow (when, of course, he was or...will be...I guess). As for Harrison's future plan that requires the Flash to be taken out, I think he wants to do inhumane experiments to give himself more powers. If he was able to dissect why Barry got his powers and to find a way to give himself those powers, why can't Harrison do it with others? Now, this is only a THEORY. IT IS NOT FACT! There are probably holes. I just like to think it may be true. If there are any holes, please comment.

But What Does This Mean For Oliver? [SPOILERS For Arrow]

Before you read on, major SPOILERS for the Arrow mid-season finale.

Oliver vs. Ra's
Oliver vs. Ra's

Are you sure you want to read on?

Okay...fine, here it is...

As we know, Oliver dies in the finale. Now, I have heard the Lazarus Pit being mentioned. But, why would Ra's let Oliver be revived? I think the Pit does exist, but Ra's would not resurrect Oliver or let him be resurrected. But...

What will happen when Barry finds out?

So, we know that Barry is emotionally attached to Oliver and that he will be devastated when he learns of his death. We also know, that Barry runs faster when fueled by extreme emotion. So...could this cause him to go so fast that he discovers his ability to go back in time? Let's look at this. He would probably be asking Harrison if he could go back because he would want to save Oliver. Harrison would probably tell him that he could. Barry would it. And...he would save Oliver. Just a thought.

Now, you may have one question: so wouldn't our Barry try Nora?

I thought about this. No, OUR Barry wouldn't. Harrison would convince him not to because it may create yet another universe and CHANGE THE FUTURE (Harrison does not want that)! And, if Barry doesn't listen to Harrison, Joe and Oliver would probably be opposed to him changing the past.

What do you think of this? Plausible? Stupid? Plotholes (I'm sure there are many)?

Well, you can praise or criticize me in the comments below! I'd love to hear your feedback!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!


EDIT: Having recently rewatched the movie, this in accordance with that. NOT THE COMIC BUT THE MOVIE! I must have confused the two. And, thanks to a comment, I am able to clear this up. He also speaks his mind on his theory below an I suggest you read our conversation. Cheers.


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