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You've gotta love an actor who can play a great villain. It's easy to be the lovable hero, but how well could you do as a bad, evil, malicious, and rotten character with a tortured soul? After all, it's usually the circumstance that makes a person evil. Some actors can really pull that out of themselves in a character and make for a memorable role.

Tom Felton plays an evil little brat almost as well as Jack Gleeson (Joffrey from [Game of Thrones](movie:817617)). They're both blonde too - I don't know what it is about that blonde hair that makes them such a-holes. In my mind though, those two could really duke it out when it comes to who has the better one-liner insults and wittiest forms of narcissism. However, it's a story about Felton in real life that shows his depth as a human being.

The story really speaks for itself. Malfoy explains via Instagram:

It's stories like these that make you realize firstly that there's always a place for hope, but also that the actor Felton's support very well may have had a strong impact on this young man during his recovery. The fact that he's attending film school now clearly shows his love for film has lasted into his young adulthood.

So, I think the moral of this story is that when put in a situation where one can act as a beacon of hope or inspiration, they always should. No matter how big or small that form of mentorship is, it may come back around 13 years later in a special way like this.


Who is the better young, evil, villainous character?

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