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When most people workout or exercise in general, they tend to just run through the motions, watch a little TV on their treadmills, wait in line for the next machine or have someone finish a set of dumbbells they want to use and most of all, too many of these people don't have a clue on how to use their imagination. Since being in fitness for close to 18 years the one thing that has struck me most is that how you infuse mind and body together and very few people who know how to do it. There are ways to not only have the most kick ass workout of your life but to use certain techniques that can enhance your levels just by how you think and take action.

I have read and used a bit of the Neila Rey Workouts found here. I'm always fascinated by what can be used to enhance imagination and how to make exercising more interesting and more fun. So with that in mind let's get to the Core of this article shall we:

Superhero Workouts have been the rage as of late and for those hardcore fitness fanatics this is the stuff of dreams. However, the workouts you read about in the muscle magazines are very sketchy and most of them are not meant for a beginner or someone who has had previous injuries. Also people can't always afford a gym or the equipment needed for that kind of thing so doing bodyweight type workouts work awesomely for that plus they have benefits over weights in a number of areas. Weights are great but at best it's a great money saver and you can get in a great workout just about anywhere with very little space. The thing I really want to get into is if you're a fan of superheroes and want to feel like you can train like them do the Neila Rey Workouts. My favorites are of the Avengers and DC Characters so if you want to get into some awesome stuff, pick and choose your favorite hero workouts and pick certain days you want to do them for example.....

Monday: Superman

Tuesday: Black Widow

Wednesday: Batman

Thursday: Wonder Woman

Friday: Thor (if you happen to have sledgehammers would be bonus points)

Saturday: Green Arrow (be more bad ass if you had a lifeline Chest Expander for arrow pulls)

Sunday: Off


Mon-Wed: Pick an Avenger

Thurs-Sat: Pick a DC Character

Sun: Off

You have many options to choose from, maybe you'll do a split, have a hell week with either type of workout, pick one avenger 3x a week and pick a DC Character 2x a week. It's all about what you want to do. Some of these workouts are pretty simple, others are hardcore and should only be done by an advanced level trainee. Me personally, I workout all 7 days; some intense, some short & sweet and others depending on my energy levels and the mood i'm in.

With all that set aside, you don't need to ever do steroids or drugs to get super fit. True training takes time, patience and effort. You may fail at times but don't give up on what you love. When you do these workouts, picture as if you were that hero and you're busting your ass to get ready for crime fighting or helping someone in need. Being fit is a responsibility and it's not something you brush off because you can do 50 push-ups or bench press 500 pounds, it's a commitment to yourself. Even someone who never works out can get into something like this, it's important however to start out simple and work within your limit and not comparing yourself to others.

These workouts are not meant to be used as a punishment or forcing yourself to do. Make it fun and interesting for you and do the best to your abilities. You may not get some of them right away so build yourself up, rest when you need to, adjust it to your own style if needed (best way in my opinion) and let it infuse your body with great internal power with a zest for thinking outside the box. You can be the fittest you'll ever be if you apply yourself with the right tools and the right amount of recovery and rest that is needed for you. Hope you had fun and learned a few things. Shoot me a comment and let me know your feedback.


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