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While we know the love lives of our favorite Vampire Diaries characters intimately, a lot of us are a little hazy about the real life romantic relationships that the cast are wrapped up in behind closed doors.

A lot of these photogenic partnerships might be old hat by now, but some of them might surprise even the biggest Mystic Falls enthusiast...

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

If you missed this one, I am guessing you have been living under a lichen covered rock in deepest Siberia for a long, long time.

Ian Somerhalder has been dating fellow vampire, Twilight star Nikki Reed, since July 2014 and the pair seem super serious about each other.

Not only have they adopted a handful of rescue animals together, but they were also rumored to be shopping for engagement rings over the festive period...

Paul Wesley and Pheobe Tonkin

There must be something in the air around Atlanta, Georgia (where both [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) and [The Originals](series:833141) are filmed) because romance often seems to blossom there!

The relationship between Ian Somerhalder and co-star Nina Dobrev was obviously the most high profile coupling, but Paul Wesley has a CW lovely of his own.

The 32-year-old actor has been dating Phobe Tonkin of Originals fame since around September 2013.

Candice Accola and Joe King

Candice Accola married Joe King of indie rock band 'The Fray' on October 18 2014 in New Orleans.

The photogenic pair met at a Super Bowl event back in 2011 and they have been together ever since. Awwww!

Accola is also Stepmother to King's two daughters from his first marriage, Ava and Elise.

Matthew Davis and Azita Ghanizada

Matthew Davis reignited an old flame when he got back with ex girlfriend Azita Ghanizada in 2012, but this time it seems like it might be more long term.

Davis first dated the Alphas actress almost eight years before they got back together again and the pair have been very private about their relationship, which is generally a good sign in showbiz!

Steven R. McQueen and Olivia Pickren

Steven R. McQueen has been dating the gorgeous Olivia Pickren since around June 2014.

The American model is just one in a long line of girlfriends for the 26-year-old Vampire Diaries star, so lets hope this one is for keeps. I'm sorry, Steven, but I just can't keep up with your revolving door of hotties!

Michael Malarkey and Nadine Lewington

British born Michael Malarkey has been married to his actress wife, Nadine Lewington (Brits might know her from hospital drama Holby City), since 2009.

The couple are pretty private about their relationship on social media, but snaps of the pair together always look totally loved up.

The Ones Who Weren't Quite Meant to Be...

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder made many Vampire Diaries fans dreams come true when they got together back in 2012, but life didn't imitate art and this pair just weren't meant to be.

Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry

Graham had been dating actor and writer, Cottrell Guidry, since 2008, but the pair called off their engagement on December 14th 2014.

Michael Trevino and Jenna Ushkowitz

Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz and Michael Trevino split in May this year after three years together.

Zach Roerig and Alanna Turner

Of all of The Vampire Diaries posse, Zach Roerig probably has the most sad relationship history.

The mother of his four year old daughter was incarcerated in federal prison back in 2013. The pair had broken up a year previously, but Roerig was granted full custody of his young child who is now in his full time care.

For somebody who is still under 30, that's a pretty rough hand to be dealt.


How many of these real life relationships did you already know about?


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